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{January 26, 2010}   Sweet Potato Quesadillas

I warned you about the sweet potatoes… here is one of my very favorite not-a-casserole ways to have them:

Sweet Potato Quesadillas (MUST TRY)

I have probably made these a dozen times and they never get old or boring.  I got this recipe from the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbra Kingsolver.  This is one of the books that has been pivotal in inspiring us to knock processed foods out of our diet and make as much food as possible form scratch.  If you want to get a glimpse of farm life, and living off your own food supply, this is a great read.  I highly recommend it.

Sweet Potato Quesadillas (from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle among many other delicious recipes)

*The recipe says it makes 4, but I usually use the filling to make 2 big fat ones*

1 large (2 medium) sweet potato, peeled, chopped (from Cane Creek Farms)

1/2 onion, chopped (also from Cane Creek Farms)

1 clove garlic, diced

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp cumin (you can experiment with other spices, cinnamon, coriander, everything is good…)

1 pinch chili powder

Tortillas (2-4)

~4oz goat’s milk brie

Greens (ideally swiss chard, but any greens seem to do…i used organic baby romaine from earth bound this time)


  1. Peel and chop the sweet potatoes.
  2. Add to a pot of water, boil until soft.
  3. Drain and mash.

    Cooked and mashed sweet potatoes

  4. Use a little extra virgin olive oil to sauté the onion and garlic.

    Saute onions and garlic

  5. Once they are soft and slightly brown, add the sweet potato and spices and mix everything together.
  6. Pre heat the oven to 400 F.
  7. Spread the filling on one side of each tortilla.
  8. Tope with a few greens and the brie.

    Filled quesadillas: sweet potato, baby romaine and goat cheese brie

    Filling: Sweet potato mixture, baby romaine, and goat's milk brie

  9. Fold tortillas to close and make sure  to oil the outside.
  10. Bake in the oven until brown and crisp on the edges.
  11. Slice into wedges and serve. (we like ours with some sour cream for dipping).

I am so ready for spring and more variety coming back to our farmer’s market.  In the meanwhile, sweet potatoes (and beef and pork) are sustaining my yummy local life!

I want to eat this immediately!

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