My Yummy Local Life

{March 24, 2012}   Spring is here!

I went to the farmer’s market today in the pouring rain.  I try to get something from everyone as long as they have something I will use. Especially when it is raining 🙂  Today I was able to get all of this:


Spring Veggies!

1/2 lb of shitake mushrooms- $6

2 bundles of asparagus, 2 bundles of Kale, 1 bag of baby Spinach, 3 small heads of Broccoli, 2 large onions- $23

2 huge spring onions with their tops- $1

1 dozen brown chicken eggs- $3.50

Grand total: $33.50

All we will need at the grocery store is some dairy and wheat products, maybe a bell pepper or two and perhaps a little bit of tofu and we’ll be eating like royalty all week.

Thanks to the Hillsborough Farmer’s Market for an excellent early spring selection- even in the rain!


Watching the Farmer's set up in the rain!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Spring veggies!


[…] Here’s the plan on how we are going to use our veggies that we procured this week […]

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