My Yummy Local Life

{April 15, 2012}   4/14 menu of yumminess

It’s going to be another delicious week:

– Strawberries for snacking, breakfasting and Strawberry Margaritas!

Asparagus quinoa salad (again), with some of the local broccoli as well

– Veggie Calzones- with homemade pizza sauce, fresh dough and an assortment of veggies and mozzarella

Avocado Caesar Salad– Learned this week that you can replace the egg yolk in homemade caesar salad dressing with an avocado, so we’re going to give it a go and see how it tastes…

-Tofu stir fry with fresh broccoli, onions and probably some assorted other veggies

– Seared lamb chops with some veggies on the side

Here’s a picture of last night’s deliciousness:

Strawberry Margarita and Asparagus Quinoa Salad


Marjie says:

mmmmmm….. I want that!!!

Tammy says:

I love avocado caesars!

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