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{April 28, 2012}   Back to Carrboro Market, 4/28

So today is a busy day, because my husband is getting his head shaved for the St. Baldrick’s event at LoneRider Brewery.  Big deal, since in the 16 years I have known him his hair has at least been shaggy if not super long! So I didn’t want to be the reason we might be “rushed’ to get there on time, thus, the Carrboro Farmer’s Market won out this week.  I still find it to be a little overly large an overwhelming, but on the plus side I can get pretty much everything I need rather easily.  There were even a few surprises this week.

This weeks loot!

These items came from 6 different stands (and I passed up on at least another 20 more stands) so I tried to spread the love without breaking the bank.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

3 baby Bok Choy and a bunch of scallions: $5

2 pints of Shitake/oyster mushrooms (WIN!): $8

Super thick and tasty goat’s milk yogurt stuff: $5

3 beautiful tomatoes: $5

Sugar snap peas (!) and new potatoes: $5

4 pints of strawberries, a head of cauliflower and a bunch of asparagus: $17.75

Grand total this week: $45.75.

Einstein even bothered to get out of the warm bed to give his stamp of approval, so everything must be pretty good.

Einstein checking out the goods.

Well now that I have been to the market, photographed and put up the food and written a blog post, I think I’ll go wake up the shavee.  Wouldn’t want to be rushed! 😉 Have a yummy week!


Yum! Another beautiful bunch of produce. Would love for you to share it on my link party 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you there!

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