My Yummy Local Life

{April 29, 2012}   St. Baldricks, Carolyn’s Birthday and another yummy week

So the St. Baldricks event yesterday was awesome; Gary raised just shy of $1300 for childhood cancer research.  Check out the before and after pics if you’d like. Today is my beautiful friend Carolyn’s 21st birthday so we’ll be breaking out some of the pumpkin that we have frozen from last fall to help with celebrating her special day.

Here’s the lovely menu for the week:

  • Asparagus Quinoa salad with a beautiful yellow tomato
  • Lentil samosas from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything
  • Vegetarian Lasagna  (again), this time with broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and homemade tomato sauce; cottage cheese instead of ricotta
  • Lamb stew with herb dumplings, adapted from my Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, using the new potatoes, and course some of our lamb
  • Pumpkin Pie for Carolyn
  • Egg mushroom rolls from Indian in 6 (trying this one for the first time this week) featuring the local shitake mushrooms I got yesterday
  • Kaplan sandwiches a la Sam the Cooking Guy, will use the beefy tomatoes we got this week
  • Pad Thai (again)- clearly this is a staple for us… will be using bok choy and home grown mung bean sprouts, and throwing in some tofu for extra protein
  • Also there are many more strawberries to be had, as well as sugar snap peas, for healthy snacking
  • Got some sour dough Challah bread in the works
  • Probably will make some cauliflower egg salad for lunches
  • And lastly, got some mini blueberry muffins (last years frozen blueberries) baked up for breakfast at Love Chapel Hill



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