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{May 6, 2012}   Menu for this week 5/6: good-bye seniors!

So this week we are having our amazing friends Kirsten and Amanda over for a final shindig before Kirsten goes off to medical school! We are sad to see her go, but know she is going to be an awesome doctor so we are letting her part with us for a while 🙂

We will be making many things this week (although fewer than some weeks because next weekend we’ll be going camping, but more on that later)

This weeks menu:

Lamb tikka masala on the grill- this is for when the girls are over- something similar to this recipe.

Pad thai with tatsoi and home grown sprouts (didn’t ever get to this one last week so I’m less obsessed than I may seem)

Cheesy Quinoa Cakes– thank you pinterest!

Pizza with homemade wheat crust and miscellaneous veggies

Mushroom stroganoff

Also kickin’ it with some leftovers: cauliflower was left from last week so I went ahead and made up a patch of cauliflower egg salad.  Also we have leftover lasagne which we’ll be having for dinner tomorrow night 🙂

What are you making this week? I’m always up for some new ideas!


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