My Yummy Local Life

{May 8, 2012}   Market and Mulberries

Last Friday was my friend Chad’s place: Market Restaurant‘s second birthday! We have so far gotten to make it for all of thier brithdays which is very exciting.  Market uses as many local products as possible and all humanely raised meats. Therefore it is one of the few places where I will eat meat that I didn’t prepare myself.  They also do this awesome thing called $5 fridays.  There is usually a meat choice and a veg*n choice for $5 in addition to the regular in season menu items.  For their birthday, Gary and I both got the BBQ turkey sandwich with slaw and it was amazing as always. So amazing in fact that I did not take it’s picture (or even think to) until it was too far gone 🙂 In any case, you should go check out Market sometime if you are ever in Raleigh!

After lunch I took Gary over to clean out his lab! We went to check and make sure nothing needed done at the green house and low and behold, there were ripe mulberries to be had! I had about 10 minutes until I needed to leave for work, but we managed to pic about a quart of mulberries.  Love me some free fruit! I froze them up for using in smoothie or future jams or cobblers.

It was a very yummy date afternoon with my hubby!


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