My Yummy Local Life

{May 17, 2012}   Ducks!

I bought some ducks.  8 straight run khaki campbells to be exact.  They are living at my friend Chris’s house, since I live in an apartment, and while it is in Carrboro, I’m pretty sure having ducks on the patio would still be frowned upon. Straight run, in case you don’t know, means that they are a mix of male and female ducks.  Being mostly vegetarian, obvious we’re hoping for more females than males.  Although if there are too many males, I will be helping with their processing from ducks to meat.  (Which I’m sure will make for an interesting post.) That process will also help decide if I’m going to be a full vegetarian or not, I’m sure.  Also there is a neighbor who got a batch of female khakis and is willing to trade us if we have way too many males.  So I went to meet my ducks for the first time on Monday evening and here is their epic cuteness.  They are about a week old and already know that they should stick together because they are not chickens.  They don’t seem to mind their chicken broodmates much but they already know that they are cooler than chickens since they are ducks 🙂 Without any further ado, check out their cuteness:



Marjie says:

awww…. now that you know them… it will be easy to eat eggs… not so much to eat them. Trade the boys!

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