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{May 19, 2012}   May 19, Hillsborough Market- Spring winding down

End of Spring Farmer’s Market Fare

Lots of spring plants are starting to wind down with the warmer weather.  This week is most likely the last week of strawberries, so of course I bought a flat ($22).  There was also asparagus again, which is pretty much done or on its way out.  I also got what is surely the last snap peas we’ll see until next spring.  I did a final harvest on out plants earlier this week and then cut them down and the farmer that had these said he had done the same.  There is a hint of early summer with the first squash of the year coming home.  Also got some garden peas (more on those below).  Here’s my price break down this week:

$37: strawberries, peas, asparagus, lettuce mix, broccoli

$5: squash and snap peas

$4: onions and garlic (from Cane Creek Farm’s store)

Grand total: $46 ($22 of which was those berries so a small week sorta)


Berries are mostly getting frozen for our ever increasing smoothie making habit.  The peas also get frozen, but of course had to be shelled first.  Farmers have a cool piece of equipment that does this for you, but its kind of theraputic to do it by hand, which is how I got my pound of peas done.  Einstein helped…

Shelling Peas for freezing

Einstein helping shell the peas

Marjie says:

I love that dog! eats the greens every time! Yummy strawberries make for great smoothies… YUM!

Delish! Love how Einstein is helping you shell the peas 🙂

Come link up to my link party… Hope to see you there!

I’m all linked up this week- need to figure out a way to do that from my iPhone because I have been seeing your invite on there and forgetting to come back here to link up!

Thanks for participating!

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