My Yummy Local Life

{June 3, 2012}   Menu on the cheap

We have a set weekly budget for grocery shopping.  This includes paper products, food, soap, farmer’s market, etc.  So every now and then some of those other “household” things catch up with us and we need to make an on the cheap menu.  Dave Ramsey tells people to eat “beans and rice and rice and beans” to stick to their budget and keep food expenses down.  That’s pretty much what we’ll be doing this week.

Here’s the Menu:

Beans and rice- classic application with a mess of dried beans cooked up that will be used in other things later in the week as well.

Vegetarian Tamales- based on this Alton Brown recipe, but sans turkey (obviously) plus some kind of veggie filling which I am sure will involve some of the beans

Fried rice- with whatever veggies sound good that day and egg and maybe tofu

Black bean tacos (again) because these were so good the last time- gonna use the jalapeno goat cheese inside.  Also gonna make some cabbage salad to go with- Most likely this will also be our send off meal for Ms. Amanda before she goes and works in El Salvador for a couple months this summer.

Quinoa black bean burrito bowls– thanks again to pinterest, we’ll be trying this one out

Lamb (this is free now that we have a freezer full of it- remember– straight from the farmer)- Thinking we’re gonna do the lamb in orange and onion sauce from Indian in 6 which you should buy if you like Indian food at all and have never made it.  I realize this recipe is breaking the Latin theme of the rest of the week, but we have all the ingredients so it fits with the on the cheap them quite nicely. Also Lamb breaks the vegetarian theme of the week, but some consider lamb to be a vegetable (My Big Fat Greek Wedding: “he don’t eat no meat?… It’s ok, I’ll make lamb”)

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