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{June 5, 2012}   I grew garlic and it worked!

I just need to brag here for a second.  I run the community garden at my church Love Chapel Hill.  As an experiment last fall I took a couple of bulbs of garlic, broke them apart, and planted the individual cloves in little rows.  This was back in September 2011.  And then I waited. And waited. And pulled some garlic in May that looked a lot more like a leek than a head of garlic.  So I waited some more.  Everything I read indicated that the garlic would be ready in June, so this weekend, I decided to pull another one to test and lo and behold it was a beautiful, fully formed head of garlic! (also pulled the first successful carrots)

Garlic and carrots from LCH gardens

Garlic and carrots from LCH gardens

So I went back the next day and pulled the rest of my first batch.  12 glorious fully formed heads of garlic, which are now braided together and hanging to dry. There are 6 more that I will pull in a couple of weeks.  I will most definitely be doing this again this September.  The 10 months is completely worth the wait.  Ok.  That is all.  If you live anywhere with a little square of land you should try this!

Glorious Garlic!

Glorious Garlic!


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