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{June 9, 2012}   6/9 Carrboro Market before 8am equals glorious bounty

Carrboro Market before 8am provides a glorious bounty of color and variety.  Dang it! I’m a morning person, but I still don’t like to be anywhere before 8 in the morning. But today I wanted blueberries and the last time I went to the Carrboro Market there were no blueberries to be had (at 8:30am!).  So today I rolled out of bed, took Einstein out, threw on some permethrin treated clothes and headed to the market as early as I could muster. After (hunting!) for parking, walking the quarter mile from where I had to park and setting foot on the farmer’s market grounds, it was around 7:35am.  And hallelujah! the sweet old lady that I like to buy from had blackberries! I ended up getting all of this glorious bounty:

Pre 8am Farmer’s Market Bounty

Breaking everything down, here’s what I ended up with:

1 pint blackberries, 1 qt plums, 1 qt PURPLE potatoes, 1 head yellow cauliflower: $12.80

1 HUGH head of lettuce, 3 small heads of broccoli: $3.90

2 quarts of peaches (Free stone), two varieties: $10

PURPLE bell peppers, 3 cucumbers (one that is round?!), 3 purple eggplants: $4.50

1 pint oyster mushrooms, 1/2 pint raspberries: $8

5 baby artichokes (!), 4 squash blossoms (!): $6

Grand total: $45.20- Sometimes I feel like I am stealing this stuff!


So things that I found that I was not expecting to buy (but HAD to based on their amazingness): artichokes, mushrooms, purple potatoes, plums, and squash blossoms.  Things that I was planning to buy (and the entire reason I went so early), but did not buy: blueberries! I saw blueberries, but by the time I saw them I was already overloaded with all of the above gloriousness! Also there were still strawberries (I have no idea how since it’s been HOT) and if you know me at all you know it’s very strange for me to pass up local strawberries.

The moral of the story is: the early bird gets the worm (and fruit) and the late worm gets to live (but doesn’t get fruit).


the early bird get the worm 🙂 Another great bath of goodies. Thanks for linking up!

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