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{June 19, 2012}   What do we do with all that extra fruit?

Freeze it and make smoothies!

As Saturday rolls around and it’s time to hit the market again, there is usually some fruit (or veg) from the previous week left over. I’ll do some caning later in the summer, but I also do a lot of freezing. One thing I have learned living in NC for the past few years is: DO NOT spend money on squash and zucchini! Just wait for everyone else to have too much of it and then graciously take it off their hands for them. If you wait long enough into the summer, they might even pay you to take it 😉 (ok that has never happened to me, but then again I’ve never asked).  Last weekend we met up with my grandparents and mom and a couple of my sisters in Asheville, and they came bearing a grocery bag full of zucchini from one of my grandparent’s neighbors.  I forgot to take a before picture, but after shredding it and portioning it out into one cup portions, I ended up with TWELVE (12!) cups of shredded zucchini:

12 cups of shredded frozen flat zucchini in individual 1 cup portions!

I’m pretty sure I am set for about the year! The zucchini goes into cookies, muffins, breads, pastas and lasagnas throughout the year!

Also this week we had extra peaches left over (I know shocking after how overboard I went on the fruit last week at the market)

Last week’s leftover peaches

Peaches sliced up and layed out for Freezing (lay them out so that they don’t all clump together)

Do not freeze any nasty, bruised or unsightly bits!

Once they are frozen, put into a bag and store in the deep freezer for smoothie snacks throughout the summer (znd keep some around for next spring too)!


nice tips! come and share with the rest of the party when you get a chance…

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