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{June 24, 2012}   Menu that Jerry the mouse will not be eating!

Yesterday, I set out our newly arrived “Smart Mouse Trap” which is a live catch mouse trap that is supposed to catch mice that are smart enough to avoid regular traps.  After a couple months of having multiple traps set and catching only beetles, we figured we’d give it a try.  And low and behold, when I got up to go to the farmer’s market, there is Jerry freaked out and safely INSIDE the trap! So before I hit up the market I drove the 3 miles to the closest park *but hopefully far enough from home* and let him free into the woods. He was a good little passenger, but I hope not to see him or any of his friends again.  We set the trap again just in case…

Jerry the mouse! Captured at last!

So since Jerry (and hopefully his friends) are out of our lives, here is the delicious food we’ll be noshing on (without having to sanitize the kitchen way too many times per day).

Yesterday, we made this roasted fig and onion thing, which was pretty tasty, but a lot of work and kind of a pain to eat… there are also not clear serving directions which could be part of the problem.

For the rest of the week:

Tomatillo enchiladas– have a butternut squash still lying around, also gonna add in some of our refried beans from a couple weeks agos beans and rice week.

Black bean quinoa bowls (again)

Vegetarian Chili- in our house this means a more jazzed up version of cooked beans, hubby makes it different pretty much every time (not my idea- it’s a bit toasty here in NC, but we can use the crockpot and keep the kitchen cooler I guess…)

Gyros– with our local ground lamb and some homemade pita (I use the wheat version of the recipe in How to Cook Everything) and tzatziki sauce (super cute kiddo making the version in the link)

Purple potato gratin- yet another hubby invention, probably won’t look delicious but it should taste good- how can you go wrong with layers of potato and cheese right!?

Grilled pizza take two (as a side note, our apartment complex saw our pictures on the card table last time and have ordered a picnic table for our grill!)- hubby says he’s going to be incorporating the squash blossoms onto the pizza somehow…

The fruit this week simply has the fate of being delicious for snacking upon.

Still haven’t made the quinoa cookies I mentioned last week, but the oatmeal cups turned out VERY well- they are freezing up for storage now.

What kind of yummies are you eating this week?


yummy! Everything sounds delish! Thanks for linking up 🙂

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