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{June 30, 2012}   Farmer’s Market 6/30

Farmer’s Market Fare!

This morning I went to the market stupid early again, but instead of hoping to beat the crowds (which when I got there at 7:30 I had not successfully done), I was hoping to beat the heat! It’s supposed to be up over 100F here for the foreseeable future.  Insert my NOT excited face. So I am working on myself or someone watering the garden EVERY day and not getting overheated.

Last week we did marathon cooking days so that we did not have to get our kitchen hot every day.  Planning on some grilling (and letting others cook for us) this week to keep the heat out of our house.

So here is what I got at the market today:

A 2 colored squash, purple potatoes, sungold tomatoes, purple cherokee tomatoes, and blackberries: $12.60

Peaches (Yellow flesh freestones): $5

Goat Cheese: $4.50

Bib Lettuce: $2.50 (our refrigerator has been freezing our lettuce and diary so here’s hoping this one doesn’t get ruined!)

Small whole TILAPIA (!): $10

Eggs (from Bobby at the pig picking- Not pictured): $3

Grand Total: $37.60

The menu will be up tomorrow- and hopefully some pictures from the pig picking we are going to this evening. Gonna be using some recipes I found on last weeks link up, which is why I’ll be linking up again:)

Have a great week!

Cool looking squash!

Thanks for linking up…looking forward to seeing what you will make will all of this lovely food 🙂

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