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{July 5, 2012}   Just a tip!

Old and new soap dispensers!


Just a little tip.  The Dawn on the left (bigger one) is the one we have been using for our dish soap for the last FIVE (5!) years.  No, it is not that we just never do dishes.  We have been re-filling it with regular liquid dish soap mixed with water for the past 5 years.  It has finally gotten too gunked up to foam out properly anymore. So feeling we had gotten our money’s worth I went and got a new one ($4) the littler one on the right.  Things you don’t notice if you buy a product monthly instead of “5 year-ly”:

  • the package size is shrinking (these have gone from 400ml to 300 ml!)
  • the package design is completely different
  • the foaminess of the original is MUCH more powerful the that of the homemade concoction

It you too wanted to use regular dish soap and make it foamy: put about 1/2 inch of soap in the bottom of the empty container and then gently fill to the full line with water.  Replace the nozzle and shake to combine. Just a little tip for today!


Marjie says:

nice. I refill the foaming hand soaps too… Same way, choose a scent of shower gel you like and add 1/2 inch, finish with water and shake to blend.

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