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{July 8, 2012}   Veggie Filled Menu this week

First of all, the winner-add-to-my go-to recipe of last week was definitely the Texican Lasagnamade from our leftover lamb sausage and black bean chili. It turned out so yummy as expected, and beautiful to look at too:

Leftover Chili “Texican Lasagna”

We still have a couple of slices left for some early in the week lunches.

Onto this weeks new menu items:

Yesterday we made Caesar salad from this Pioneer Woman cheater Caesar dressing recipe with an amazing salad mix form Tiny farms (it had marigold petals and baby dill in it!) and soem sliced cucumber and tomato and some homemade crutons out of some of the sourdough bread we made last week.

Making another pizza this week- might try it over the coals again: tomatoes, banana peppers…who knows what else; will also use the arugula this day: maybe on the pizza, maybe as a salad

Grilled Eggplant Parmesan from Sam the Cooking Guy

Tomatillo Braised Lamb Shanks– YUM! I helped the spanish lady at the market explain to one of the other shopped what tomatillos are and how they are used: basically always amazing in something stewed, or stewed on their own to make salsa verde. This recipe should be proof to that description.

Pasta with Sautéed baby squash, probably some tomatoes, goat cheese left from last week, white wine and whatever other goodness my hubby sneaks in to make me like this pasta dish…

Bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed figs (I know I’m the worst vegetarian EVER)- hubby is inventing this one too so who knows what else will be in them, but I’m sure they’ll be delicious.

Fatayer- our first attempt at this greek egg boat delicious thing that we’ve had at a local restaurant in town (they are the boat looking things in the pictures on the restaurants website). We are always trying to recreate things we had in restaurants because if we do this successfully, perhaps if it is successful I’ll get him to write down what he did for me.

What kind of yummy things are you making this week? Check out some more links at In Her Chucks for tasty ideas.


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