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{July 14, 2012}   Farmer’s Market 7/14- Tomato Day!

It was tomato day at the farmer’s market today.  They had a display set up with something like 70 different varieties of tomatoes, many of which were available for tasting.  It you don’t like tomatoes, today would have been a lousy day to be at the market because I’m pretty sure everyone except the bread and cheese vendors was selling primarily tomatoes.  I had to hunt and make my way around the market twice in order to get all the other fruits and veggies I ended up with.  I did get at least 5 entries into the tomato day raffle which I think is for free stuff from local businesses.  Even though there was a fine mist coming from the sky, since I didn’t get to the market until 8:30am it was completely packed out and I chose to NOT wait in the massive line to try out the ridiculous amount of tomatoes.  I just bought some instead.

Here’s what I got:

Tomato Day Veggies (Minus the one tomato that Einstein snatched right before I took this picture!)

Salad Mix,Head of lettuce, box of red tomatoes and FREE cucumber: $9.00

Peppers, Eggplant: $3.55

7 types of cherry tomateos: $3.00

Nappa Cabbage: $1.00

Purple Potatoes and Greenish-purple califlower: $5.50

Peaches and blueberries: $9.00

Onions and Tomatillos: $6.00

Grand total: $37.05

Free this week: Eggs, tomatoes from the garden, cucumber, various herbs

Check out what everyone else got from their local food sources this week over at In Her Chucks link party.


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite set of twins: Sam and Luke LeRoy are ONE today!


Thanks for linking up! Another delicious week of goods 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your plans for the napa cabbage. I have yet to receive one of those in my boxes…

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