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{July 22, 2012}   This weeks yummy fare!

So we had a couple of nights where other things happened at dinner time and we have some rollover from last week.  So on Saturday we made the grilled eggplant that was on the books for last week. Yay grill marks! Isn’t it so pretty:


Grilled Eggplant Parmesan with Garlic Herb Toast

Moules Frites: (something close to this recipe) Got some mussels that we are going to be cooking up tonight, with some purple potato fries. I found this fry recipe on Pinterest, while trying to find not so disgusting ways to eat cilantro, which I do not like, but evidently it’s a superfood so I’m trying….Here are some other cilantro things I might try. We have to use the mussels asap because you wouldn’t want something LIVING in your refrigerator much longer than overnight.

Salad night: Salad mix with homemade dressing, homemade croutons and whatever veggies are lying around that get chopped up to contribute.

Fajitas: Made with one of our lamb steaks instead of beef, peppers, onions, spices on wraps

Mushroom stroganoff: Made exactly like beef stroganoff except with more mushrooms and no beef…

Chili Relleno Omelet Thing: So I can’t find a recipe for how we do this, but basically those big long peppers get stuffed with a veggies and potato mixture, and then wrapped inside an omelet, topped with salsa and sour cream and devoured before you can even think about taking a picture of how yummy they look.

Spaghetti Squash with Red sauce: Roast up one of the spaghetti squash and make a quick sauce with some fresh tomatoes for a gluten free “pasta” dish.

Napa Cabbage Salad: This one is also overflowing from last week, it might end up just being a snack


That eggplant parm looks amazing! Will have to give that a try on my next batch of eggplant.

Thanks for linking up 🙂

The eggplant is SO good that way! We’ve done that 2 weeks in a row!

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