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{July 28, 2012}   Chapel Hill Market 7/28

Went to the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market today.  This market is smaller and I don’t know everyone as much, but there is cheese I can afford- made out of goat’s milk. I’ve had some kind of allergy stuff going on this week, so trying to go cow’s milk free for a little while and see if that was the culprit.  I got 3 types of goat’s milk cheeses: a cherve, a gouda w/ caraway seeds, and one called “sweet ash” which is kind of like a brie.  I am hoping that life will not have to be completely without cheese for me because that would be really sad.


So anyways, here’s what I got:

Chapel Hill Market has cheese!


3 types of goat’s milk cheese: $15

Mixed cherry tomatoes and “fairy tale” eggplants: $6

Best looking peaches of the season: $4

Leeks and onion: $4.85
Grand Total: $29.85


Freebies this week (from the lovely Susie Murdoch) 2 cantaloupes, 1 honeydew (which I salvaged and froze for smoothies), some figs (that I dried in the dehydrator) and some oat groats/steel cut oats (gonna see if they will sprout…).  I would have taken their picture, but out electric was out for about 10 hours the day I brought them home and then they had to be dealt with straight away.


Did not get to get any canning tomatoes at the little markets this week- so I’m gonna head out to Raleigh early tonight in hopes of getting some to do tomorrow and Monday on my days off.

Yeah I agree…lovely looking peaches 🙂

Thanks for linking up!

Yeah. We are definitely going to get our canning peaches from that guy. These peaches were double the size of the ones last week and in much better condition.

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