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{July 29, 2012}   This weeks Menu

Moules Frites with Arizona Stronghold Wine and homemade soft bread. Favorite meal of the week.


This week is going to be simple and yummy.  Gonna (HOPEFULLY) get to some of the things we’ve been hanging on to for a couple weeks- namely the napa cabbage salad.  I’m still not sure why this hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully this week it will!

Never got around to stuffing the peppers again last week either, so those are back on tap.

As always, we have at least one salad day planned- since this is always quick and easy! Great for when one or both of us get home late.

Other than that we’re having:

Leek papperdelle– A Jamie Oliver recipe that is probably my favorite way to have leeks (and thank goodness to whoever is growing later season leeks- it’s nice to get a break from all the squash!)

Pizza- homemade dough, with fairy tale eggplants and other mixed veggies. My half at least will probably have one of the new goat cheeses on it…

Roasted Pepper Pasta from pinterest via Lauren’s Latest

Moroccan Quinoa Salad and Quinoa Falafels- both from this blog we found on pinterest- unfortunately it doesn’t seem that you can click on individual posts 😦

Lucky for me- it looks like my hubby is giving us a break from cilantro this week- I survived the meals that had it in there the last couple of weeks, but I’m pretty sure it will never be my favorite- super food or not I still think it smells and tastes like soap!


That roasted red pepper pasta looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

Thanks for linking up. Always enjoy your meal plans…

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