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{August 5, 2012}   Menu on the cheap!

Burrito Salad: Fresh lettuce & halved cherry tomatoes with the contents of my leftover qdoba burrito and some goat cheese crumbles. Waste not, want not.

This week is going to be another yummy one. Still trying to keep to our skinny summer budget so it’s going to be more beans and rice type of recipes.  Dave Ramsey would be proud of all the different ways we can change up the standard beans and rice.

So first thing will be standard black beans and rice.  A mess of beans cooked up with “taco” like seasonings.  We always end up adding sour cream and cheese and maybe even some salsa since we put salsa with EVERYthing.

Then gonna make these “vegan” black bean and quinoa enchiladas.  They would be vegan, except we eat real food in this house which means no fake-y processed soy based cheese.  I got the recipe from Vegnews, which to their credit did not say you HAD to use fake cheese -it’s just one of the serving options. Whatever- Cheese is good! Also I’m going to try my hand at making my own flour tortillas this time around.

Sticking with the beans theme we’re going to try these lentil and zucchini tacos. I’m approximating, but I’m thinking the lentils will cost less than $0.50 and we’ll have plenty to spare. While I’m at it I might make some corn tortillas too…why not?

Ok then comes the NOT beans parts of the menu, but they are still pretty cheap:

Tomato Pie that AgriGirl posted last week- I have been wanting this since I saw the post! Gonna use the herbed goat cheese along with some fresh herbs from the garden.

Vegan Potstickers that I found on pinterest, but this blog has a great title so I’ll be exploring it more. I might even leave this particular recipe vegan!

NEXT Saturday is my 27th birthday, so we’re going to break out our rack of lamb from our half a lamb we bought back at Easter time.  I don’t know how the hubby will make it but it’s sure to be delicious!


I wanted to make that Tomato Pie from Agrigirl too…can’t wait to hear how it turns out…yum 🙂

Thanks for linking up!

Tammy says:

Thanks so much for the shout-out! Hope it turns out great.!

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