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{August 11, 2012}   8/11 Farmer’s Market! It’s My Birthday!

Farmer’s Market 8/11

Today is my birthday! I should have slept in, but the farmer’s market was beckoning to me, so I got up early and went.  Here’s what I got:

Tiny potatoes, figs, garlic: $8.50 (First time we’ve had to buy garlic since we harvested ours back in June)

Huge eggplant, onions, purple cherry tomatoes: $7.50

Goat Cheese: $4.28

Raspberries: $5 (Got these since it’s my birthday- two fruits instead of one 🙂

Grand Total: $25.28

I also got some more stuff for canning:

Canning fruits

$22 for everything pictured here: $4/lb for peppers and $1.50/lb for tomatoes.  Ended up with over 3 lbs of peppers and about 6lbs of tomatoes.  I’m going to be making jalapeno pepper jelly, pickled peppers and a batch of HOT salsa.


Hubby is making rack of lamb, potatoes and who knows what else for dinner tonight. YAY birthdays!

Jeanine says:

Yay for birthday raspberries!

Happy Birthday! Rack of lamb sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your special day 🙂

Thanks for linking up.

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