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{August 16, 2012}   Canning 2012- HOT salsa (small batch)

I know- I already made 25 lbs of tomatoes into salsa.  But then I was at Kroger and discovered 1) that they sell the same packets I use for salsa mix and I thought I could only get at Walmart and 2) that there is a HOT version of the salsa mix.  So we had to try it.

Gather Supplies: Tomatoes, HOT salsa mix, vinegar (and also canning supplies)

We followed the same method as we did with the original salsa, so if you want to see how it’s done go here.

Boil salsa, simmer for 10 minutes (then puree if desired-we do!)

I just got one packet to try, so that only required 6 lbs of tomatoes.  I got these from the Market for $1.50/lb so that is $9 of tomatoes.  The salsa packet was $2.50 and I used about $0.25 worth of vinegar (maybe less but I want easy numbers here).  We ended up with 2 pints and 2 quarter pints of salsa.  That makes the price per $3.36 per pint and about $0.84 for the tiny quarter pint jars.

Processed for 40 minutes! Don’t forget to label them with the date and that they are HOT salsa.

Conclusion- yes the hot salsa is tasty, NO it is not more economical to get tomatoes just per pound instead of by the 25-30 lb box. Of course if you grow your own tomatoes successfully and then can them, a small batch would be very well worth the price of just the salsa mix.


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