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{August 21, 2012}   Canning 2012- Pickled Pizza Peppers!

I have said before, we try to can the things that we would normally purchase in a can or jar from the grocery store, in order to have local produce year round and also save some money.  This year we’ve been into having banana peppers on our pizzas so we figured we’d make up a batch of pickled peppers.  We used some half pint jars (8 oz) and some quarter pint jars (4 oz). These baby jars are very adorable and the perfect size for just one or two pizzas worth of toppings.

I bought 2.6 lbs of mixed long peppers, including all of the banana peppers I could easily pick out of the box.  They were $4/ lb so that totaled out to about $10.40.  I used this recipe on pick your own as a guide, but I did not peel the peppers and even though I bough 1/3 the amount of peppers, I ended up needing nearly the same amount of liquids as were suggested for 8 lbs of peppers.  The other ingredients were as follows:

White vinegar- $1.25 (total of about 5 cups)

Water- FREE (1 cup)

Pickling salt- FREE (4 tsp)

Sugar- $0.25 (2 Tbsp)

Garlic- FREE (3 cloves)

Here’s what I did:

1) Wash the peppers off with cool water.

Rinse peppers with cool water

2) Gather up the rest of the supplies you will need. **Use gloves when slicing peppers** Wash the jars to sterilize.

Gather Canning Supplies!

3) Slice into rings and remove large pieces of membrane (but I didn’t worry about the seeds since these peppers are not too hot).

Sliced peppers

4) Pack the pepper rings into the jars as tightly as possible.

Pack jars tightly.

5) Combine the vinegar, water, salt, sugar and garlic in a small pan.  Bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. (NOTE- I tried making a smaller recipe and did not have enough liquid, so go ahead and make the full batch all at once- it’ll save you 20 minutes or so!)

6) Pour the hot vinegar mixture over the peppers in order to just cover.

7) Process in water canner for 10 minutes.

8) Label with the date. Peppers should keep for about 1 year from this date (if they last that long)

Processed jars of pickled pizza peppers!

** NOTE: Peppers that are NOT pickled are not acidic enough to be canned without a pressure canner! **

Total made: 5 half pints and 10 quarter pints. That comes out to $1.19 per half pint and about $0.60 per quarter pint jar.


You have been one busy girl lately 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

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