My Yummy Local Life

{August 26, 2012}   Menu for the week of 8/26

Last night we went to a wedding! Congrats to Ben and Lauren! And yay for not having to cook dinner!


Delicious dinner with Amanda this week: tilapia, zucchini, curry okra, rice and homemade bread

So for the rest of the week here is the plan:

Bulgolgi (made with lamb meat) and with steamed edamame on the side with the sticky rice.

Eggplant Parmesan open faced sandwiches– still on the grill, but mixing it up a little from our standard…

Tofu and veggie stir fry- with whatever veggies look appealing that day, served over rice.

Ramen Shrimp Pouches– using Alton Browns recipe as a guideline, but definitely using the fresh mushrooms I got at the market.(Hubby hates shrimp so these are on my make it while he’s working out of town list)

Okra and Tomatoes (with some of the extra shrimp)- see above… making this without the hubby since he is not too fond of okra either…

Greek quinoa and avocado salad0– thanks once again pinterest…


For granola version 3.0 we’re going to try these granola bars…winemakers and cellar rats live off this stuff evidently…

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