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{October 28, 2012}   The Cool thing about moving…

is everyone wants to cook for you and have dinner with you before you go.  Last week while the hubby was off to work I didn’t have to cook 2 nights thanks to Sue and Amanda.  This week is looking similar (except hubby will be home all week!). 

We had pasta (courtesy of my trade with Bridget- eggs for veggie pasta-bartering!) with goat cheese/wine sauce and broccoli, pepper and mushrooms, for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we are having fritatta with broccoli and mushroom to continue to make a dent in the 3 dozen eggs the ducks laid over the past week and a half. (I used 3 eggs in my muffins, 3 in my waffles and 14 for the deviled eggs I made for church so I feel I’ve made a pretty good dent).

Tuesday, Amanda is getting her senior pictures done by Gary in the fall leaves, and we are having papusas, beans, rice and cabbage salad for dinner.

Wednesday will be stir fry with tofu and rice, using up the rest of the broccoli and mushrooms, and probably a few more peppers.

Thursday we are having dinner at the Simmons house.  I believe chicken and spaghetti (the first meal we had with them on our blind date 4 years ago when we first got to NC), Carolyn is coming too (since she has definitely become part of our family in that time). Bookending our life in NC the way we started.  We are so glad to know all of the beautiful people at Love Chapel Hill and have them as part of our lives forever.

Friday will be quesadillas with the rest of the leftover lamb roast and some queso fresco.


Intermixed with the week will be getting a new starter (and hopefully nothing else) on the element, and packing, packing, packing.  Hubby is leaving for AZ in less than 2 weeks!

{October 27, 2012}   No farmers market this week :(

Hi friends. I didn’t go to the farmer’s market today. Sad I know. But I did make over $150 with the yard sale today! Going to have a creative week and try to use up some stuff in the refrigerator and freezer. We are two weeks out from packing up the moving truck and sending my hubby off to AZ. I’ll be following him about 4 weeks after that. It should be a very interesting month.

Here’s an easy way to recycle: dryer lint, old candles and paper egg cartons. Make them into homemade fire starters.

1. Fill the egg cartons with lint from your dryer.

Egg carton with dryer lint

2. Using a wide mouth mason jar and boiling water, melt the wax from old candles.

Use a double boiler method to melt wax

3. Pour melted wax over the lint and let set.

Wax meet Lint

4. Tear off one or two cups and light the paper to start your fire.


Just in time for fall/winter. AKA Fireplace season 🙂

Finished Fire Starters

{October 23, 2012}   Canning 2012- APPLES

I got some Gala apples and some Winesap apples at the farmer’s market last week. A half peck of each- total of $12 worth of apples.


Winesaps and Galas

I made some into applesauce and some into chips.  Here is the applesauce process:

1. Peel, core, and chop the apples into cubes. (I did 12-14 apples per crock pot batch).

Crock pot ready to start

2. Add juice of one lime, up to 1/3 cup of sugar (I did half white and half brown sugar this time) * you can also omit sugar completely, and add a tablespoon or so of cinnamon if desired.

3. Cook in crock pot on low for about 6 hours.

Cooked apples


Second crock of cooked apples


4. Combine all crock pot loads into a large bowl.

Apples ready to be pureed.

5. Puree with a stick blender for smooth applesauce.

Smooth applesauce

6. Put into sanitized jars.

7. Process in water canner for 15 minutes.

8. Label jars with contents and date.

26 apples = 5 pints of cinnamon applesauce


I used about 2/3 of the apples for the applesauce ($8), so the cost per pint is approximately $1.60 per pint.

The rest of the apples have been/are being made into apple chips.

1. Slice them at 1/4 inch thickness on the mandolin.

2. Remove any seeds.

3. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. (I find they are BORING without a little cinnamon)

4. Dry in dehydrator for about 12 hrs. Or dry in oven on 300 checking each 15-20 minutes for crispiness (Total is usually a couple hours).

Apples in the dehydrator


I came out with about 3 sandwich bags worth of apple chips total.  ($4 of apples).  Making it about $1.33 per bag.

Fall *Spring?* Market…


Got some more lovely fall produce at the market today.  And some sugar snap peas… who knew these would grow in the fall?! Also I answered a trivia question right on the cheese guy (Brady)’s email newsletter and got a $5 piece of cheese for free!


Here’s what I got:

Broccoli, Sugar snap Peas, and colorful bell peppers: $10

Garlic, baby ginger and baby turmeric: $2

Queso fresco, Gouda with caraway, Ricotta with garlic and chives: $7! ($5 off!)

Shiitake Mushrooms: $5.20

Turmeric and ginger


FREE Queso Fresco!

Grand Total: $24.20


Also, the Lovely Sue Murdoch is canning my pumpkins for me with her pressure canner.  Here is the first batch of pumpkin:

Indian River Pumpkin!

{October 13, 2012}   Farmers market 10/13

Here’s what I got at the market today:
$12 jalapeño queso fresco, ricotta and mozzarella
$8 direct trade Honduran coffee
$5 baby bok choy and sweet peppers
$5 shishitos (2 pints. Saved $1)
$6 sweet potatoes

Grand total: $36.00


{October 9, 2012}   Crock Pot Party

So the ladies at our church decided to get together a prep a bunch of crock pot recipes to freeze and make life easier for all of us by being able to have ready to go meals.  We ended up with 5 different recipes, and also made a crock pot cakewhile we were prepping everything. Everyone brought enough ingredients to make 4 batches of their recipe (at 4-6 servings each), and then everyone got to leave with 4-5 different recipes. If the recipe calls for meat- it is not included in the freezer meal so that everyone can get fresh meat when they decide to cook that particular recipe.  Here are some pictures from the day (notice the crying- no one was sad but there were MANY onions to be chopped).

Ann mixing up mac and cheese!


Amanda and Stevie carefully measuring


Jo helping Carolyn chop garlic


Onions make Taylor seriously sad!


Taylor and Carolyn, still on onion duty!


Crock Pot Chocolate Chip Brownie cake- Make this immediately!


Jeanine doing out chickadilla soup ingredients


Onions are the saddest thing!


Finished bags with their recipe cards


Recipe Cards

We ended up with:

Chickadilla Soup

Squash, Chickpea and Lentil stew

Turkey- White bean Pumpkin Chili

Goulash- Beef Stew

Mac and Cheese


This was a fun and yummy idea- if you try it with your friends, let me know what you make!







{October 7, 2012}   Another Yummy Menu this Week

Crock Pot Party was wildly successful- I have many tasty meals to try out. More on that Tuesday.

Here is my menu plan for the week:

Pad Thai- with the tatsoi I got at the market

Fritatta- to use up some duck eggs 🙂

Crock Pot meal- Chickadilla Soup (Using a rotisserie chicken so I don’t have to cook it)

Chicken Egg Salad (Use up the chicken and some more duck eggs- going to see how they do with hard boiling…)

Fried Rice (Because it was fast and amazing last week, and I still have more rice, and I can once again use a duck egg!)

Fried Rice

Crock Pot Meal- Mac and Cheese (Sauteing some veggies to mix in with it once its all cream-ified in the crock pot)

Catfish with KALE chips!

Also- I still have some bagels, so there will be bagels with spicy pimento goat cheese, avocado, and maybe the occasional fried egg…


Everything looks so yummy I’m not even sure what order this will happen in!


LOTS of green going on this week.  I am still having headaches when I eat stuff with a lot of onion in it, but have found that peppers can at least give some flavor and crunch to a recipe that is supposed to have more onions.  The Ladies of LOVE Chapel Hill are having a “crock pot prep day” today and I am excited about trying out some new recipes.  I am making this vegetarian recipe: Squash, Chickpea and Red Lentil Stew– got all the ingredients for 16 servings worth for $20- at Whole Foods.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here’s what I got at the market today:

Fall finds 10/9

Costa Rican Coffee: $9

Hot pimento goat cheese and Luntias (brie like cheese)- $9 (SO missed my cheese fix when I didn’t go to the market last week- next week I’m getting pumpkin spice goat cheese and jalapeno queso fresco- love my cheese guy!)

Huge bunch of beautiful KALE and a bag of Tatsoi- $6 (KALE CHIPS!!)

Shishito peppers- $2.50 (Price is dropping- they must be on their way out- hubby will be sad)

Mix bag of bell peppers- $6

Grand total: $32.50

Also over the course of the last week and a half I have gotten 2 dozen duck eggs.  The layers are doing so good so far- averaging 2 eggs per day.  Eggs in everything! Keep up the good work little ducks!

That’s about $10 worth of eggs!

Have a yummy week- and if you need inspiration, check out In Her Chucks’ link party for more yummy ideas.

et cetera