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{October 9, 2012}   Crock Pot Party

So the ladies at our church decided to get together a prep a bunch of crock pot recipes to freeze and make life easier for all of us by being able to have ready to go meals.  We ended up with 5 different recipes, and also made a crock pot cakewhile we were prepping everything. Everyone brought enough ingredients to make 4 batches of their recipe (at 4-6 servings each), and then everyone got to leave with 4-5 different recipes. If the recipe calls for meat- it is not included in the freezer meal so that everyone can get fresh meat when they decide to cook that particular recipe.  Here are some pictures from the day (notice the crying- no one was sad but there were MANY onions to be chopped).

Ann mixing up mac and cheese!


Amanda and Stevie carefully measuring


Jo helping Carolyn chop garlic


Onions make Taylor seriously sad!


Taylor and Carolyn, still on onion duty!


Crock Pot Chocolate Chip Brownie cake- Make this immediately!


Jeanine doing out chickadilla soup ingredients


Onions are the saddest thing!


Finished bags with their recipe cards


Recipe Cards

We ended up with:

Chickadilla Soup

Squash, Chickpea and Lentil stew

Turkey- White bean Pumpkin Chili

Goulash- Beef Stew

Mac and Cheese


This was a fun and yummy idea- if you try it with your friends, let me know what you make!








Love this idea! And yes, I will make that cake ASAP 🙂

thanks for sharing and linking up…

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