My Yummy Local Life

{October 28, 2012}   The Cool thing about moving…

is everyone wants to cook for you and have dinner with you before you go.  Last week while the hubby was off to work I didn’t have to cook 2 nights thanks to Sue and Amanda.  This week is looking similar (except hubby will be home all week!). 

We had pasta (courtesy of my trade with Bridget- eggs for veggie pasta-bartering!) with goat cheese/wine sauce and broccoli, pepper and mushrooms, for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we are having fritatta with broccoli and mushroom to continue to make a dent in the 3 dozen eggs the ducks laid over the past week and a half. (I used 3 eggs in my muffins, 3 in my waffles and 14 for the deviled eggs I made for church so I feel I’ve made a pretty good dent).

Tuesday, Amanda is getting her senior pictures done by Gary in the fall leaves, and we are having papusas, beans, rice and cabbage salad for dinner.

Wednesday will be stir fry with tofu and rice, using up the rest of the broccoli and mushrooms, and probably a few more peppers.

Thursday we are having dinner at the Simmons house.  I believe chicken and spaghetti (the first meal we had with them on our blind date 4 years ago when we first got to NC), Carolyn is coming too (since she has definitely become part of our family in that time). Bookending our life in NC the way we started.  We are so glad to know all of the beautiful people at Love Chapel Hill and have them as part of our lives forever.

Friday will be quesadillas with the rest of the leftover lamb roast and some queso fresco.


Intermixed with the week will be getting a new starter (and hopefully nothing else) on the element, and packing, packing, packing.  Hubby is leaving for AZ in less than 2 weeks!

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