My Yummy Local Life

{November 24, 2012}   Getting creative.

The move is quickly approaching and since I don’t want to waste food, I am diligently trying to use everything in our freezer. That combined with the fact that the farmers market was closed for the thanksgiving weekend means that this week will be creative used of the frozen stuff. Here’s what I decided to use from the freezer (and some canned stuff)


Here’s the menu I came up with based on those items and a very short shopping list:

Fajitas with tempeh
Broccoli cheddar soup w croutons
Pumpkin chili (frozen crockpot meal)
Zucchini pasta-w rolls


{November 17, 2012}   No market this week.


No market this week because:

1- Gary is in AZ and I can’t feed him from here in NC

2- I’m going to my grandmas house this week for thanksgiving and my daddy (who is in cooking classes) is making all of my meals for the week.

3- Therefore- I don’t need to cook 🙂

Have a great week and I hope you enjoy some Carolina blue skies.

{November 11, 2012}   This weeks (and next weeks) menu


Lots of food going on this week, trying to use up some of the stuff in my freezer and refrigerator.

Leftover stew from Sue tonight, and also getting a pizza from earth fare (only $6!)

The general plan for this week:
BBQ pork Sammies (got some fococcia and a cibatta roll to put it on)- BBQ courtesy of my swap with Bridget

Beans and rice- beans in the crock pot. Making this in honor of our last week of the Dave Ramsey FPU class.

Pumpkin ricotta ravioli- this will use up the won tons in the fridge. Also I have about a half a jar of opened pumpkin to use. I’m thinking of toasting them in brown butter.

Sweet potato quesadillas- one of my go to meals- and I have wraps and sweet potatoes that do not want to move to AZ.

Spaghetti with meat sauce that I found in the freezer

Might work a little further down this list if I need to. We’ll see!

{November 10, 2012}   Little farmers market

Shopping for one is weird. My hubby has arrived in AZ but I am still here in NC for one month. I spent a grand total of $13 at the market this morning:

$8 on two cheeses
$3 bundle of carrots
$2 not green bell peppers

Also got a dozen eggs from the ducks this week. We have figured out where they are hiding them it seems.
I am tasked with using up the stuff in my freezer and refrigerator before I move to AZ so there is a lot of stuff I have to get creative with.


{November 3, 2012}   COLD farmers market


Here’s what I got at the COLD farmers market this morning. Winter temperatures are yummier with cheese at the market.

$2 broccoli
$14.50 cheeses: pumpkin spice goat cheese, herbed chèvre, mozzarella
$6 sweet potatoes and kale
$8 mushrooms and shishitos

Grand total: $30.50

et cetera