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{January 23, 2013}   TIP: Always Contact the Company

When you have a problem with a product, always contact the manufacturer or company. We recently got our heated blanket repaired for free (just paid about $15 to ship it to Sunbeam), because we had only had it for a year. It was only heating on one side- it came back with entirely updated *new* heating coils and works better than ever.


Also the scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner we had (was left in the house) for free…stopped working even with new batteries. I called S C Johnson, and they sent a full value coupon for a new starter kit as well as a free refill ($25+) value. I just had to pay about $2.50 in tax (since taxes are ridiculous here!)

My only complaint is that the actual refills are scented which kind of irritate me. I’ll be going back to my scent free, homemade, cheap refills once these two are used up!


Moral of the story: don’t repurchase a product that has stopped working before contacting the company. Most companies aim to keep you as a happy customer 🙂


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