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{February 6, 2013}   52 weeks of bread: Weeks 1-5

So I realized yesterday that so far this year I have made a different bread every week. I thought- why not start writing them down and see if I can do a different one every week. Goals don’t become reality unless you write them down, so here it goes. (I’ll try to get pictures every week, but no promises- some of these breads don’t last long enough to try)

Week 1: Challah bread

Whenever I make Challah I think of Genesis 3:19 where God tells Adam that “by the sweat of your brow you shall make bread…” In the midst of our fallen world, God gave us the ability to provide a delicious by-product in this world, bread. It reminds me that even though there are sometimes “curses” in our life, God works in “blessings” as well.


Week 2: English Muffins

Sometimes you want Eggs Benedict. And if you do, you’ve got to have and English Muffin to go with. This was an “American” version of the recipe- I’ve got a British version I’d like to try too.


Week 3: Oatmeal Rolls

These were so soft and delicious- I will definitely be making them again sometime.


Week 4: Harvest Grape Bread (pull apart rolls)

I made this bread as G’s birthday bread. It turned out so beautiful- and thankfully tasted great as well.


Week 5: Potato Rosemary Bread

C wanted Irish food for her birthday dinner- so we made Dublin Coddle and I made this bread to go with it. It made two loaves and only this half loaf is left to get its picture taken 🙂



Valerie says:

mmmm they all look so good!! 🙂 Where do you get your recipes?

Most of them come from my bread bakers apprentice book. The oatmeal rolls and harvest bread I both found online- going to add the links when I am on the computer again 🙂

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