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{March 15, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #2

Well here I am again, just picked up my second Yum Yum Produce veggie box.  There are a few more things I am unfamiliar with this week, so let the challenge begin.

This weeks box contains:

1 bunch of carrots

1 bunch of brocolini

1 bunch of turnips

1 bunch of radishes

“Quelites” aka lamb’s quarters aka wild spinach

1 bag sunflower seed sprouts

1 bunch collard greens

1 bunch Swiss Chard

WOW! Where should I start?  So there are a few things here that I am not sure if I like (or have ever had).  Turnips and Radishes I maybe had as a kid, but I definitely do not have any fond memories at all of them.  I remember raw radishes on salads and always picking around them.  Turnips I may have never had in my life.  I’ve also never had quelites.

Last week we had our collard greens sautéed as a side dish with rice and “tortured” (read: SPICY) sole filets.  I concluded that I don’t really like collard greens in their cooked state.  If we can find some frozen fruit on sale, I’m thinking I might try them this week in this green smoothie, but if not we might try some collard wraps. My thought here is to hide them with foods I know I like and maybe trick myself.  My hubby also made a “collard wrap” this week with a collard leaf, cheese and hot sauce in a tortilla; I’m going to try them this way next time he makes them as well.

This stir fry recipe looks really good and includes two things from my box: radishes and quelites. Might throw some of those sprouts on top of it too. I know for sure I’ve never had radishes cooked (and neither had my hubby), so I’m interested to see how they are in this.  If radishes turn out to be a not-favorite, we can always make them into cinnamon sugar radish chips 🙂 Everything is better as chips right?

Speaking of chips, last week I made my kale into chips, which were delicious as always, then I hopped on Pinterest and discovered that you can make swiss chard into chips too, so I’m going to try that for snacking this week!

So the other thing to tackle is the turnips; I am thinking turnip and sweet potato gratin, because I know I like sweet potatoes and cheese. Might as well make my first experience with turnips a good one 🙂

Going to make a brocolini cheese sauce with pasta to go with our fish this week while my sister is in town–she doesn’t eat anything with fur 😉

There is also some beans and rice on the menu this week, and we’ll be going out to get Mexican food somewhere in Cottonwood (my sister wants to get “real mexican food” while she is the closest to Mexico she’s ever been).

Looks like carrots might be a staple. I’ve been snacking on them, but does anyone out there have a favorite recipe that uses carrots?

Check out the other CSA deliciousness people got this week over at In Her Chucks link party.

Have a yummy, local week!


Valerie J. says:

I love reading about your produce boxes! You are inspiring me to consider branching out. 🙂 Turnips and carrots…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! The duo can be worked into almost any Irish dish – stew, shepherd’s pie, a boiled or roasted veggie side. However, the turnip and sweet potato gratin looks delicious! I think it’s a great choice for your first turnip experience. Let us know how it turned out…

Oh good idea, I’ll have to look up some Irish dishes to use turnips sometime. I was originally very nervous about the things I’ve never eaten, but now I’m kind of excited to try new things… like you said, branching out!

Marjie says:

Sweet carrots. Slice carrots into rounds, then par boil. drain, add into sauce pan with butter. cook till tender, then add honey and small amount of salt to taste.

That sounds like something I might like but the hubby maybe not so much 🙂 He doesn’t like carrots by themselves (like how I don’t like collards on their own) Gotta hide them in something!

Anytime I can “sneak” carrots into baked goods, it makes me happy. And with Easter around the corner, the easter bunny will look forward to some carrot treats. or

Let me know how they turn out.

Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Oh my gosh! How did I not think of carrot cake! Brilliant!

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