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{March 29, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box # 4

Week 4 of my box is here! Thursdays are quickly becoming my rearrange the food from the refrigerator to the freezer day. I think I could use an extra produce drawer in my refrigerator.


So here’s what I got this week:

1 bunch of Swiss chard
1 bunch of mustard greens
1 head of cabbage (!!)
1 bunch of turnips
1 bunch of radishes
1 bag of sprouts
9 (NINE!) oranges

Can you tell what I am excited about? The oranges definitely made me happy. They were the first thing I noticed. I mean how could you not notice that beautiful orange in a sea of green food! I don’t think they will make it into any recipes (some of the zest might tho), but in my opinion during spring time fresh fruit is for snacking!

Notice what is missing…no massive carrots this week, and no more collards at the moment. I’ve been taking myself into liking the collards in smoothies and we made a lovely carrot cake this week that got the hubby to eat some carrots.
(I shredded and froze many of the carrots I had left so I can still add carrots to things later)

At least part of the cabbage is going to become okonomiyaki because it looks delicious and I have never met an Asian dish I didn’t like yet.

Our box newsletter came with a recipe for Indian mustard greens so we may try that out as a side dish sometime this week.

We put some turnips with some white potato this week as mashed potatoes which was really good- we might try that again as a side too. We’re having a dinner party this week so I know we’ll need more sides that normal.

I’ve a couple new ideas for radishes. This fish and radish curry sounds pretty yummy. Also, I like the idea of this radish dip. Hubby is talking about making radish art too…I’m good with playing with food sometimes 🙂

I’m in the market for new ways to use Swiss chard. I only have one go to recipe, and I am bored of it. Do you have a favorite way to eat your chard? It would be nice to have some salad now that its getting warmer. I might try some of the chard that way.

What was the best thing in your box this week?

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Have a yummy local week!


annierie says:

I love chard in a frittata. Chard, thin sliced potatoes, onions, cheese. Mixed with an egg/milk slurry. Cooked in cast iron. Either flipped or finished under a broiler.

Oh that’s a good idea. Frittatas are yummy and SO much easier than quiche!

Looks like a lovely box.

As far as chard goes, I don’t have any salad ideas but these are my go to lately… and Smoothies are also rocking…

Thanks for sharing and linking up!

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