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{March 31, 2013}   Waste not, want not: freezing carrots

Happy Easter!!

So I have gotten carrots in every CSA box so far, large carrots, and this week I didn’t get to any of the current weeks carrots since we were still using up those from last week.

Then I had this thought. Carrots are in plenty now, but they are seasonal too. What if I want to make carrot cake or stir fry with carrots in the dead of summer?

So I decided to freeze my carrots. I have done this with squash and other gourds so I figure the carrots will be alright.

Step one: Shred the carrots on a cheese grater.

Step two: Portion into one cup packed sizes and put each into an individual bag.


Step three: Label each bag with the contents and date, in this case “1 c carrots 3/28/13”. As a rule I try not o leave anything in my freezer beyond one year.

Step four: Use a straw to suck as much air out of each bag to seal it and spread the carrots out flat.


Step five: Place on a single layer on a tray and put into the freezer. After they are frozen, I usually put these bags into a larger bag to prevent freezer burn.


Enjoy having yummy local carrots all year long. (And carrot cake too!)



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