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{April 13, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box # 6


I’m a day late posting this, but sometimes life just sneaks up on you and my days have been busy. My box is interesting again this week. Here’s what we got:

1 bunch radish pods
1 bunch rainbow chard
2 turnips with tops
1 bag of sprouts
1 bunch of collard greens
1 bunch of kale
1 HUGE cabbage
5 HUGE carrots

I had to look up some recipe ideas for the radish pods. We settled on a version of this winter vegetable pizza. I think we’ll use our own dough and add some cheese to it. I have a hard time with pizza recipes that don’t call for cheese.

Some of the cabbage is being made into homemade sauerkraut. And some of it will be in the above pizza. And some will again be making these okonomiyaki pancakes, which are my new favorite way to eat cabbage.

I feel like there are greens coming out of my ears. If anyone has any main dish ideas for chard or kale or collards (or better yet all three?!) they will be most appreciated. We’re planning on a salad night but that will barely make a dent.

The carrots are okay that I am overrun with them because I have plenty of ideas. For example, this week I think I will make some into kraut (apparently you can add other veggies to sauerkraut), and also I am going to try my hand at carrot cake jam which I think will make excellent gifts as needed-plus I’ll get to break out my canner before it is hot outside!

Other things I am excited about this week are that we are going to get a gallon of raw milk for the first time ever to try (legal in AZ!), I found white unbleached flour from Colorado in 25 pound bags, and I will soon be the proud tenant of a community garden plot in Cottonwood.

Go check out the other yummy boxes at In her Chucks and have a very yummy week.


100milekitchen says:

Rainbow chard is the best. It’s so mild.

Yep. One of the few I like to eat raw in salads. Do you have any favorite ways to use it?

Tammy says:

You are the second person to mention radish pod. That is something new that I am going to have to check out.

We tasted a few raw. Almost tastes like a cross between a radish and a snap pea. Mild but good. I’m interested to try them cooked.

I have never seen radish pods before…so interesting.

Thanks for sharing and linking up!

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