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{April 19, 2013}   Yum yum produce box # 7

Well I made it through my first 6 week cycle of CSA boxes. And now here I am at the beginning of another cycle. This week we got another lovely box of veggies:


This weeks box has:
Napolitos (prickly pear pad)- these grow like weeds in AZ so it’d be awesome if I like it.
1 bag of sprouts
1 large bunch of carrots
1 bunch of Swiss chard
1 bunch of rutabaga
1 bunch of Russian red kale
2 extra large fennel bulbs

So my ingredient of the week is fennel. There is SO much of it and the flavor goes such a long way. My thought is that it will get to go in a little bit of everything. A few of my ideas are fennel pork potstickers, Caramelized fennel & onion pizza, and mussels in a fennel wine broth. I am hopeful that these three will use most of the fennel.

The newsletter that came with my box says that the cactus pads are often grilled and then added to eggs or as a tortilla filling. So I’m thinking we’ll go with that for a first attempt.

I still have a lot of canned pumpkin left and this kale and pumpkin lasagna looks like it will be pretty tasty. We’re bringing dinner to a friend this week too so we can split the batch of lasagna. I usually exchange cottage cheese for the ricotta cheese- I think the texture is a little better and it adds some extra protein.

At this point I am hiding carrots in anything and everything, so not making any special plans for those.

The rutabaga is just gonna hang for a while. It will last longer than everything else so it’s going to hang out with the turnip from last week until I hear of a great idea for these root veggies. Any particular ways you love to have rutabaga or turnips?

Also, the sauerkraut we made last week is ready to consume and we are nearly done with the latest batch of corned beef. The bread of the week this week will be marbled rye. Add those up and we’ll be having a Ruben night.

I venture into the raw milk world this week and sure enough it did not bother my tummy like regular pasteurized milk does. The only problem is that we can only buy it by the gallon at the store. Not wanting it to go bad, I used some of it and made farmers cheese.


This was my very first time making cheese. Having gotten past the hurdle of doing it once, I’m ready to get a kit and start making a variety of cheeses. (Maybe the next Reuben day will involve homemade Swiss cheese too!)


As always, you can check out some more CSA boxes at In Her Chucks’ link party.

Have a yummy local week!


Tammy says:

Am curious who your CSA is with as I think we must live pretty close. I have used the nopales in eggs. Super cool about your cheese making. I’ve been wanting to take a class like that.

Yum yum produce. They are based in cornville and have drop offs all over the verde valley 🙂

annierie says:

I made mozzarella for the first time this week from raw milk. Love it! Have to buy more in PA soon. It is illegal to buy raw milk in Maryland.

Made soup from the whey today.

As for fennel, I make a killer salad. Fennel, citrus, red onion. With a vinaigrette made from the citrus juice and olive oil. Shave the fennel. Suprème the citrus. Dice the red onion. All on a plate. Make a vinaigrette from juice, EVOO, salt and pepper.

Ooh that all sounds tasty. Do you have a recipe for the soup made with whey? I used some in place of water in my most recent batch of bread too.

annierie says:

I am putting up my post right now. Crock pot potato corn chowder. Whey works really well instead of stock.

Whoa! Real life cactus! I have never tried it before. Looking forward to hearing how it turned out.

Thanks for sharing 🙂

This time the nopales turned out slimy…maybe needs to cook longer. Stay tuned. We’re supposed to get more next week.

Yuck…nothing delicious about slimy 😦

Hope they turn out better next time.

The flavor was actually really good. Just gotta master the texture :/

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