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{April 26, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #8

It’s my 8th week of a CSA box from Yum Yum Produce. I feel like we are getting into a groove. We are able to tell which things need to be used right away and which can be kept over for a week or two if necessary.

Spring must really be in the air because we got a few new things in the box this week


Here’s what this weeks box had inside:
1 bunch of kale
4 carrots (no tops)
1 napolitos (cactus pad)
1 bag of sprouts (I will never run out of sprouts it seems)
1 small cabbage
1 large bunch of cilantro (which makes hubby very happy)
3 artichokes
4 spring onions
2 garlic chives

So as you can see by the spring onions, cilantro, garlic chives and artichoke (!) the days of only leafy greens are gone and spring is officially here.

So what to make this week?

I was semi-unsuccessful with my first preparation of napolitos. They were tasty, but slimy. I did some research and came up with a couple new ideas. I think we’re going to try them fried. My logic is that I like fried okra and its kind of slimy so fried napolitos might be good too. I thought originally that I cooked the last one too long but after reading some more I think it wasn’t log enough. Also I might forage some more on my own to freeze for these smoothies come summer cucumber season.

I’m thinking I will keep it simple with the artichokes as roast them. I would grill them but alas we do not have a grill yet. I haven’t decided what to have along with them yet. Traditionally my family eats artichokes and baby back ribs together (with a big bowl in the middle of the table to toss the leaves and bones into). As a kid this was awesome because the whole meal was “food you can throw.”

I like the looks of this stuffed cabbage recipe I found on Pinterest, but it has a ton of ingredients. We might try to simplify it up a bit.

I’m letting the hubby decide what to do with the cilantro which I was only convinced to even try consuming when I learned that it was a super food. It’s growing on me but still not my favorite. While I was looking for some ideas for my “trying not to hate cilantro” board on Pinterest I came across these flautas. I’m not ready for cilantro pesto yet, but I’m going to be trying them with regular pesto.

I still have some whey left, and potatoes and turnips…so I am hoping to try the soup that AnnieRie Unplugged made with her whey last week.


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