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{May 9, 2013}   52 Weeks of Bread- Weeks 14-18

I’m trying to make a different bread every week of the year. So far this is what I’ve got:

Week 1: Challah bread

Week 2: English Muffins

Week 3:Oatmeal Rolls

Week 4: Harvest Grape Bread (pull apart rolls)

Week 5: Potato Rosemary Bread

Week 6: Casatiello bread

Week 6 bonus: King Cake

Week 7: Focaccia Bread

Week 8: Italian Bread

Week 8 bonus: Plain soft pretzels/bites

Week 9: Pitas (x2)

Week 10: Pizza/Stromboli

Week 11: Irish soda bread

Week 12: Bread bowls

Week 13: Made with Love Bakery’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread

Week 13 bonus Bacon Epi(c) Bread

Week 14: Southern Biscuits


Alton Brown’s biscuits are my go to recipe, although I didn’t have any shortening so I used straight butter. They were still good with our biscuit and javelina sausage gravy dinner.

Week 15: Corn Bread with bacon


We made corn bread to go with our chili. The hubby doesn’t like corn bread except straight from the oven. I froze the rest for next time we have chili.

Week 16: Marbled Rye Bread



We made a homemade corned beef and homemade sauerkraut and thousand island dressing- together for this bread to make Reuben sandwiches. Maybe soon we can also make the Swiss cheese for the sandwiches too!

Week 17: Cilantro sesame rolls


We got cilantro in our CSA box and were making a cilantro soup (as you can see I’m becoming much more brave about cilantro). The rolls were tasty. We took the leftovers to share with our church group on Cinco de Mayo.

Week 18: Garlic Scape, Pepper, cheddar bread


We got garlic scapes in our CSA box, and I found this recipe as I was trying I figure out what to do with them. It was a delicious choice and could almost be a meal by itself!

* Unless otherwise noted/linked up, all of my bread recipes come from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Book, which I would highly recommend.

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