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{May 18, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #11


It’s our eleventh box this week! Holy cow time flys! Here’s what we got:

Sweet Potatoes
Beets w/tops- still up for debate if we like these or not
Sprouts- want some? I’ll share!

Whew! Quite a haul this week.

We’re planning another root vegetable and sausage bake with some of the sweet potatoes and beets (and turnips we still have).

We got a grill while garage sale-ing! So we will be grilling some steak and making a big Caesar salad. Going to serve these up with some homemade flour tortillas- which were a hit last week and are being made again.

Lentils and quinoa are still on the menu from last week-curry style. I hope we get to them!

Fried swai (fish) and spaghetti with some sautéed chard greens on the side is on tap for a little southern taste.

It seems the hubby is in an inventing mood- the menu board says squash gumbo with javelina sausage. I’m not are what that entails exactly but it should be yummy.

Also we’re going to roast up a bunch of squash and use it on a pizza (with a fresh batch of homemade mozzarella) and on some pasta for a lighter dish.

Sorry not any recipe links this week- we’re going with many of our invented classics. I’ll try to get some pictures and post some of them later perhaps.

In her chucks is back with a new CSA box after her move so check out the link ups of other yummies over there 🙂


I wasn’t always a believer in beet greens (except if they were juiced) until my friend whipped up an amazing salad with them lately. SO GOOD! Give it a try 🙂

Thanks for sharing and linking up!

Tammy says:

Can’t believe you are already getting sweet potatoes!

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