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{May 25, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #12

Sad news. It’s my last box for a while, but the happy news is that we got a pretty good haul. Check it out:


10 baby onions
A pile of greens- Kale I think, maybe some collards, also chard
A bunch of wild spinach
A bag of sprouts (Surprise!)
A bag of white beans
2 Armenian cucumbers
3 squash/zucchini
A bundle of rosemary

So it should be pretty tasty this week. We’re going to use some of the zucchini (and some frozen carrots) to make a zucchini carrot bread. Located in my Eating Local cookbook:

The orange stickies are courtesy of my ladies, Carolyn and Alicia.

Also coming from this book this week will be radish feta flatbread and beet tops with feta, a beet tahini dip for snacking (raw beets- feeling adventurous!), and a 5 spice whole chicken on the grill.

The chicken that doesn’t get consumed on the first day will be added to a white bean chicken chili later in the week.

All those greens will afford us a salad night (with cucumber!)

Some of the radishes will also make it into the stir fry/Asian concoction we’ll be inventing.

Lastly, going to go for some Tuscan mussels and fries, to go with the Tuscan bread I’m making this week.

What are you making this week? I hope this all turns out as yummy as it sounds.

I’m linking up at In her chucks! Check out the other local CSA yumminess that is going on!

I found a farmers market in Camp Verde that opens in June- so hopefully I’ll only have a couple weeks with no local goodies to share.

I am always jealous of armenian cucumbers…I would love to try one!

Thanks for sharing and linking up 🙂

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