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{September 14, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #20…or how Dave Ramsey was right…

Last box for a while 😦 I forgot to post it last week- but being the last box it’s actually kind of perfect since I can now tell you what I did with everything too. So here it is:


Black beans
Spaghetti squash
Negro de Valle pepper
Red poblano pepper

So last week we attempted to spend only $50 on groceries. It was a Mexican food themed week. I think we ended up buying about $55 worth of food- but that included some coconut water that was extra.

Anyways, we got a single rotisserie chicken (the natural one was even on sale). I shred it and added to it a jar of salsa and some taco seasoning and a little water- an hour later on the stove top I have “taco chicken.” Night one I make this into a taco/fajita wrap (made 2 servings- one for lunch the next day). Then I made a 4 serving batch of chicken (and veggies from the box) enchiladas. Next I made about 4 servings of taquitos with pesto– some with the chicken, some without. I froze half of these so we have two servings in the freezer.

Then I made a crockpot of the black beans (1.5 cups dry). We wanted to make quinoa bean burrito bowls (but the beans were not ready in time so we had chicken quinoa burrito bowls instead- 2 servings- with two servings of quinoa left for making the bean variety for lunches. Then we made crunchy bean tacos (4 servings) again we froze 2 servings.

After a couple of egg wraps and the enchiladas- I have enough flour tortillas left to make 4-5 bean and cheese burritos. I will also be using the spaghetti squash to make a “spaghetti” chicken bake with some of the chicken I have left. This should make 8 servings.

That is at least 28 servings of food from a $25 CSA box and about $35 at the grocery store (not counting the staples we got at the store that were not part of these meals). A little over $2/serving of good quality, calorie filled food.

I go through saying all of this because I posted a buzzfeed article last week comparing “junk food” with “healthy snacks”- the problem I had with the article was that all of the healthy snacks were much lower in calorie count than the “junk” snacks. The only two that came out still cheaper (yes I really did the math) if adjusted for equal calories were the banana and the apple, compared to chocolate and fruit by the foot respectively. (I realize that part of the article was to show people how high in calories things are, but if I want a 100 calorie snack I need like 4 servings of cantaloupe. No thanks I think I’ll have an Oreo or two).

All that to say that Dave Ramsey is right- “beans and rice” really is a cheap way to eat healthy food for a week plus on a small budget. (For what it’s worth- the only gluten in all of these was in he flour tortillas, and the only dairy was in the cheddar cheese-most of these could easily become either gluten or dairy free meals)

Have a yummy week.

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