My Yummy Local Life

{October 26, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #22

I am loving having my box of produce back every week. So many yummies. And it’s winter squash season which is awesome because I don’t have to rush to use everything up in a week. Here’s this week’s box:


Sweet potatoes
Seminole muscatas (squash)
Butternut squash
Mustard greens
Baby kale
Chili peppers
Tomatillos (!!)

Lots of yummies- of course a pork chili verde with the tomatillos, soups, squash latkes, fish and chips. And the pumpkin yummies continue. This past week I made raw pumpkin energy bites (tasty but quite a pain to make), pumpkin tomato soup (made this in the crock pot and puréed everything all at once) , pumpkin gnocchi (mostly followed this recipe, but used some real potato too), pumpkin rolls (out of pumpkin pizza dough), pumpkin pizza and pumpkin quesadilla.

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