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{November 24, 2013}   52 Weeks of Bread: 39-46

I’m trying to make a different bread every week of the year. So far this is what I’ve got:

Week 1: Challah bread

Week 2: English Muffins

Week 3:Oatmeal Rolls

Week 4: Harvest Grape Bread (pull apart rolls)

Week 5: Potato Rosemary Bread

Week 6: Casatiello bread

Week 6 bonus: King Cake

Week 7: Focaccia Bread

Week 8: Italian Bread

Week 8 bonus: Plain soft pretzels/bites

Week 9: Pitas (x2)

Week 10: Pizza/Stromboli

Week 11: Irish soda bread

Week 12: Bread bowls

Week 13: Made with Love Bakery’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread

Week 13 bonus Bacon Epi(c) Bread

Week 14: Southern Biscuits

Week 15: Corn Bread with bacon

Week 16: Marbled Rye Bread

Week 17: Cilantro sesame rolls

Week 18: Garlic Scape, Pepper, cheddar bread

Week 19: Flour tortillas

Week 20: Vienna Bread

Week 21: Tuscan bread

Week 21 Bonuses: MORE pita bread and some carrot zucchini ginger bread for breakfasts

Week 22: White bread variation 1

Week 23: Bagels

Week 24: French bread

Week 25: Pizza pretzel bites

Week 26: Orion Bread Company– day old breads for $1/$2!!

Week 27: Honey Yogurt Waffles

Week 28: Naan Bread

Week 29: Paleo/Gluten Free naan bread (or not-naan bread batch three)

Week 30: 100% whole wheat bread

Week 31: Crescent rolls

Week 32: Stollen

Week 32 bonus: Healthier biscuits

Week 33: Kaiser Rolls (Vegan)

Week 34: Pane Siciliano

Week 35: Lavash crackers (100% whole wheat)

Week 36: No Bread This Week 😦

Week 37: Pan à L’ancienne

Week 38: Casatiello bread (take two)

Week 38 bonus: Pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread

Week 39: Lembas Bread


We found this recipe and could not resist- these were more like pancakes/biscuits/cookies all in one, but delicious- and how can one resist the chance to make elfin bread 😉

Week 39 bonus: Pumpkin chocolate chip bread


This was a very tasty version of a breakfast bread- I cut back quite a bit on the sugar and it was still plenty sweet.

Week 40: Pumpkin Soft Pretzels


These are a staple in our house during the fall. Pumpkin and soft pretzels all in one- they make a great after work snack before dinner.

Week 41: Kaiser rolls (with egg)


Tried again with the kaiser rolls, I still don’t have the malt syrup that the recipe calls for, but they came out much better with the eggs than the vegan version did- some things just aren’t the same without eggs.

Week 42: Pumpkin Garlic Rolls (no picture sorry)

You’re about to be sensing a theme- we made A LOT of pumpkin things, several of which were breads- I made these out of a pumpkin pizza dough recipe and they were like soft pillow-y dinner rolls- very yummy.

Week 43: Pumpkin Biscuits (I am clearly a picture slacker…)

Needed biscuits for breakfast egg sandwiches- there were pretty tasty (but they accidentally got made too thin)

Week 44: Pumpkin Yeast Bread


This bread was very versatile- we used it to make PB&J and grilled cheese, and french toast and garlic toast with dinner.  It was very soft and yummy.

Week 45: Kale cheese Breadsticks


If there is anything in our house that we have more of than pumpkin, it is kale- so when i found this quick bread stick recipe I had to try it- yummy.

Week 46: Pumpkin raisin bagels


These are like cinnamon raisin bagels, but with pumpkin in the dough as well- they are VERY yummy with peanut butter and pumpkin butter in the morning for breakfast. (Only thing I would change is that I would make them a bit larger)

6 breads left to lose out the year- stay tuned…

* Unless otherwise noted/linked up, all of my bread recipes come from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Book, which I would highly recommend.






{November 2, 2013}   Yum yum produce box #23

So many greens! And lots of tasty tomatillos. It’s a happy week of produce in our box:


Red Russian Kale
Winters lace
Red onions
Turnip greens
Spaghetti squash

There are some corn fritters with tomatillo salsa and some salads on the way for sure. Also spaghetti squash and meatballs.

We continued with our pumpkin foods this week as well. We made pumpkin hummus, pumpkin snicker doodles, more pumpkin granola bars, pumpkin squash fritters (served over salad with honey mustard), pumpkin biscuits, overnight pumpkin oats (blah), and pumpkin, avocado, fruit smoothie, pumpkin quinoa breakfast cookies, pumpkin yeast bread and pumpkin pancakes.

et cetera