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{February 9, 2014}   Bread and Wine 6

Bowl o’ Noodles (pair with 2012 PSC Grenache- Or your favorite bottle of white wine)

Inspired by the third picture in this NY Times article; and reverse engineered based on the ingredients listed on this menu.


mushrooms, one package, sliced

vinegar, sugar, peppercorns, mustard seeds, red onion, garlic cloves (for pickling the mushrooms)

lo mein noodles

pork shoulder, 1 lb

carolina treat (or bbq sauce), salt and pepper (for seasoning the pork)

beet tops

soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil (for cooking the greens)

eggs, 1 per person

How to (Disclaimer- read this whole recipe before beginning- this is what happens when Gary writes his own recipes):

I picked up some pork shoulder in 2inch cubes, seasoned with salt and pepper, coated in Carolina Treat, wrapped it in foil and threw that bundle of joy into the slow cooker overnight on low. In the morning (when the smell wakes you up), turn slow cooker to “Keep Warm” and go about your business. When it’s time to assemble, boil a pot of salted water, chop your beet greens, and drain the pork liquid into a bowl. Cut the pork drippings with 50% water, 1Tbsp soy sauce, 1Tbsp cider vinegar and keep warm. Heat sesame oil in cast iron over medium heat. Add 1 clove garlic and 1tsp  sesame seeds. Add greens next. Toss to coat, squeeze in the juice of 1/2 a lemon and a dash of soy. Turn heat to low until greens are well wilted. Set aside. Pull/shred the pork and set aside. Soft boil 1 egg/person in that pot of boiling water you’ve got going. After the eggs are out, boil the lo mein/chow mein noodles and peel the eggs. Curse half way through peeling the first egg when you break it and need to cook another. Curse halfway through peeling the next egg when the pot starts to boil over. Curse again when typing the recipe and realizing you forgot to mention the pickled mushrooms. (Do this first:) Pickle some mushrooms in 2/1/1 vinegar/water/sugar with 1Tbsp salt, 1tsp peppercorns & mustard seeds, grated small red onion, and 3 cloves garlic brought to a boil. Let them sit for 30-45 minutes. Put noodles in a bowl, add an egg, a bit of greens, bit of pork, bit of pickled mushrooms, and about 1/4 of those pork drippings you’ve got set aside somewhere. Enjoy with a crisp white wine. Unless your us and you don’t have any on hand that you are ready to open. Then enjoy with whatever you want to open with this dish. Today, it was PSC Grenache from Carriage Vineyards in Paso Robles.

Tasting Notes:


I had no expectations going into this meal- it was my first time ever consuming a soft boiled egg (which is apparently much harder to peel in one piece than a hard boiled egg)- and I quite enjoyed it.  I personally would have skipped the pork dripping in the bowl as the whole thing was a little too moist for my taste.  But that said, the flavors melded together nicely- I would say to definitely NOT skip the pickled mushrooms- they really made this dish dynamite.  Also this is a prime example of why Gary cooks and I write about it- he can look at a picture from a restaurant clear across the country and create a beautiful dinner.  I need recipes. The Grenache was lovely- light, and fruity- and went nicely with the slight spice of the dinner.


1: Jamaican Mushroom Curry over Quinoa (paired with Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs)

2: Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs (paired with The Mamani Gin and Tonic)

3: Caprese Mac and Cheese (paired with Page Springs 2011 Chenin Blanc)

4: Pulled Pork & Collar Green Egg Rolls (paired with Vermouth Cocktail)

5: Sweet potato, parsnip latkes (paired with Page Springs 2012 GSPm)

6: Bowl o’ Noodles (pair with 2012 PSC Grenache- Or your favorite bottle of white wine)


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