My Yummy Local Life

{March 1, 2014}   First Day- March 2014

So I am used to seeing my friend Jessica’s “first day” posts every month, and I thought I’d give it a shot this month (and hopefully in the months to follow as well since it seems like a fun way to mark time)20140301-204603.jpg

Worked on some books I have been reading.


Gary had coffee and caught up on some reading as well. Such is a typical Saturday morning.20140301-204627.jpg

Worked for about an hour around lunch time.20140301-204635.jpg

Saw an awesome cloud rainbow. (This is the first time we’ve had rain at all in 2014.)20140301-204645.jpg

Had coffee and a lovelt chat with Kristy. And bought a couple of new to me books to add to the reading list. 20140301-204658.jpg

Went to Page Springs to taste through some new tastiness and get a snack dinner.


After we got home, had a lovely chat with Amanda and Carolyn over FaceTime (oops no picture).


Wrote this and tomorrows blog post and FINALLY finished reading Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz.


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