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{March 16, 2014}   Bread and Wine 10

Baby back ribs with Salad (with a ‘shiner’ of Cellar Dweller’s Tarantula Hawk)

Well, I’m a slacker and did not post anything last week- so sorry about that.

Baby Back Ribs on the Grill (included a sauce made from: BBQ sauce, soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, maple syrup, garlic, salt and pepper)- Par cooked for about an hour and a half in the oven, then finished up on the grill.


Salad: Spinach/greens, sweetened nuts, blue cheeses, blackberries, raspberry vinaigrette.


Side: Roasted Potatoes (not pictured), par cooked in the microwave then roasted in the oven.


Tasting notes:

Lisa: Everything was delicious, and I wanted to keep eating even after I felt full.  The wine was delicious (and definitely NOT the same as what was in the mystery shiner).  Thanks to Lindsey for having us over for dinner and providing the ingredients for the meal.

Gary: The Tarantula Hawk Zin was a little harsh at first but opened up nicely after a little accelerated aeration. Pour a glass or two, put the cork back in as deep as you can, then shake the bottle for a few seconds. Alternatively, you could just decant the bottle. Lisa had never seen me do this before, which explained the “what the hell are you doing?” look on her face.

1: Jamaican Mushroom Curry over Quinoa (paired with Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs)

2: Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs (paired with The Mamani Gin and Tonic)

3: Caprese Mac and Cheese (paired with Page Springs 2011 Chenin Blanc)

4: Pulled Pork & Collar Green Egg Rolls (paired with Vermouth Cocktail)

5: Sweet potato, parsnip latkes (paired with Page Springs 2012 GSPm)

6: Bowl o’ Noodles (pair with 2012 PSC Grenache- Or your favorite bottle of white wine)

7: Homemade pepperoni and mozzarella pizza (paired with a mystery shiner of wine that was quite good)

8: Galentine’s Dinner 2014: Southern Classics (with smoked whiskey sours and smoked lemonade)

9: Quiche Loraine (with Bronx Cocktail)

10: Baby back ribs with Salad (with a ‘shiner’ of Cellar Dweller’s Tarantula Hawk)


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