My Yummy Local Life

{May 2, 2014}   First Day- May 2014

First Day of May. The weather was beautiful. I hung out with my plants in the morning before work:



Einstein hid from the hose and squinted into the sun while I gardened:



The speedometer on my car is broken, so even though I’m driving on the highway it looks like this:



So I have to use this to make sure I’m not speeding excessively through town:



Started listening to this book; so far I am intrigued even though I’m not sure where she is going yet:


Did school with these lovely people all day:


Went to procure our annual America the Beautiful Pass for National Parks at Montezuma Castle on my way home; went ahead and walked through the park since it is only a .33 mile loop. It’s pretty neat looking:20140501-202255.jpg


This is Beaver Creek, the source of water that made the area a good place to live:


Saw some lovely things in nature; here is a huge lizard/miniature dragon that was at the park:


Cactus flowers are happening everywhere, so pretty:


Got home to see ALMOST open flowers in our front yard (this cactus is only about a foot high):


Got a rocking produce box; bittersweet because it is the last one until July, but there is raw unfiltered honey in my box as a surprise!


Oh and apparently May 1 is ASL Interpreter Appreciation Day, so I gave and received some love from co-workers past and present:


And then the sun started to set and like magic the flowers opened up all the way!!!



Hope the month of May is beautiful for you. So far it is off to a great start 🙂


Marjie says:

What nice pictures. May is looking fine here too.

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