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{April 10, 2013}   Carrot cake waffles

Remember all those carrots we froze. Well I decide it would be a good idea to make some carrot cake waffles to use a few of them up. I have been making waffles and freezing them for my breakfast food for a while but this is the first time I have invented a waffle recipe of my own.

Carrot Cake Waffles
Recipe adapted from Alton Brown’s plain waffles (which are also good for freezing)

1c whole wheat flour
1c white flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
3 Tbps brown sugar
1tsp pumpkin pie spice (can substitute 1/2tsp each of cinnamon and nutmeg)
1 large carrot shredded (1-1.5c)
3 eggs
4 Tbsp butter melted (or half butter, half EVOO)
16 oz “buttermilk” (I never buy this stuff, just combine a little lemon or lime and some milk- cows or alternate will do fine)
1 tsp vanilla

Step 1: Combine flours, baking soda, baking powder, salt, brown sugar, and spices in a medium bowl.


Step 2: Add the carrots to the dry mixture and coat.

Step 3: Combine the wet ingredients, then add them to the dry ingredients. Stir until just combined.


Step 4: Preheat your waffle iron. Let the mixture sit while it heats. Once iron is hot, scoop the mixture onto the waffle iron and cool per your irons instructions.




This recipe usually makes about 8-12 waffles for me. I typically use a half cup size to scoop each batch of batter onto my waffle iron.

To freeze the waffles, let them come to room temperature and then lay them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Place in your freezer for 3 hours (or overnight). Once they are frozen you can store them in a zip top bag. To reheat just stick them in the toaster.

These carrot cake waffles are good with either powered sugar or peanut butter on them ūüôā Enjoy!

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A while back I posted how we make the Perfect White Rice every time we need rice. One of our favorite things to go with all that rice is a simple batch of black beans.

Once again we use the slow cooker so we don’t have to be home while the beans are doing their thing.

Here’s what to do:

1. Soak a couple of cups of beans in water overnight. *unless you want to wait forever or possibly have crunchy beans- don’t skip this step!*

2. Pour your strained, soaked beans into your slow cooker.


3. Add one small onion and a clove or two of garlic. I make the onion small enough to be bite size but big enough to pick around since hubby wants to eat it with his beans and I do not.


4. Add a healthy dose of salt, seasonings of your choice (I used a chili seasoning blend this time), and a dash of cider vinegar. These are going to give your beans some flavor.


5. Cover the beans with water so there is about an inch or so above the beans.


6. Cook on low all day (6-10hrs). They will look like this when they are done, and be soft all the way through but not dissolving into mush.


We typically serve the beans over rice with an array of toppings to choose from. Some of these include: green onions, avocado, sour cream, cheddar cheese, hot sauce, and salsa. Sometimes we will add spinach or another leafy green to the bowl for that “burrito bowl” effect.

This post is linked up on frugally sustainable’s blog hop.

{March 4, 2013}   52 weeks of Bread: Weeks 6-8

I’m trying to make a different bread every week of the year. ¬†So far this is what I’ve got:

Week 1: Challah bread

Week 2: English Muffins

Week 3: Oatmeal Rolls

Week 4: Harvest Grape Bread (pull apart rolls)

Week 5: Potato Rosemary Bread

Alright, so in 3 weeks I have made 5 breads (of sorts) but two were for snacking so they didn’t really go with any meals or anything like that.

Week 6: Casatiello bread


This bread is our all time favorite from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice book.* The hubby calls it “meat bread”. It can seriously be a meal by itself…if it’s not a disaster like it was this time around. This loaf went through THREE rises instead of two, since Einstein decided to eat some of the raw dough on the first two rises. He was VERY sick for it** and the bread turned out about 1/3 the height it usually does.

Week 6 bonus: King Cake


This was my first time making my own king cake for Mardi Gras. I didn’t know it was leavened. It turned out pretty tasty. I think I’ll try a recipe with cinnamon or some other filling inside next year.

Week 7: Focaccia Bread


This was only my second time making fococcia and it was delicious. I tried out a few toppings on it this time too, which was an excellent idea. (Stuffed Olives, mozzarella cheese and local AZ pecans)

Week 8: Italian Bread


I needed some Italian bread for this recipe, so I went ahead an made a whole batch (normally 2 big loaves) so we would have some with dinner too.

Week 8 bonus: Plain soft pretzels/bites



We needed a snack. These were perfect. I used half whole wheat flour and half plain.

* Unless otherwise noted/linked up, all of my bread recipes come from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Book, which I would highly recommend.

** NOTE: Raw dough with yeast is¬†extremely¬†dangerous to dogs; the yeast continues to ferment in the warmth of the stomach- this can cause bloating, obstruction, diarrhea, and even alcohol¬†poisoning¬† ¬†If your dog gets into some dough, try to get him to throw it up. We could’t, so we kept a close eye on Einstein for 2 days and fed him pureed cooked pumpkin to soak up the yuckiness in his tummy. ¬†He is feeling good now, but not so keen to ‘help’ bake as he used to be.


You know how sometimes you make a pasta dish and then you end up with only about a half a cup of noodles leftover. Don’t throw them out! Save them and you can make this quick breakfast or lunch meal.

1/2 cup leftover pasta (any type but I use spaghetti)
Garlic (or other aromatics to taste)
2 eggs
1 Tbsp cream (or milk)
2 Tbsp cheese
Herbs and salt and pepper to taste (I used oregano, dill and lemon rind)

You can also add in up to1/2 cup of leftover meat or veggies, I just didn’t have any this time around.

1- In a small well seasoned cast iron pan, salute the garlic lightly over medium heat. Next, add the pasta to the garlic (and a little EVOO if you like)- allow the pasta to warm up a bit.

2- In a small cup or bowl, beat the two eggs, cream, and any herbs you’d like to add. Also cut the cheese up into small cubes.

3- Turn on your broiler to preheat.

4- Once the pasta is starting to sizzle, evenly distribute the cheese over the pasta. Then pour the egg mixture over the whole thing. Spread it out as evenly as possible. It will look something like this:


5- Cook on the burner for 2-3 minutes to allow the bottom to set.

6- Place under the broiler for 2-3 minutes. Keep an eye on the frittata. You want the egg to set and and cheese to begin to brown. It should look something like this:


8- Remove from the oven and flip it onto a plate to serve. It might help to run a spatula around the edges to make sure nothing is stuck first. Cut into slices and enjoy!


If your my hubby, you’d add hot sauce or something to it, but I like it just like this. You don’t even need toast! Yummy ūüôā

I had a loaf of homemade challah bread on the counter and noticed this morning that is was just starting to mold on the cut side.

I did not throw the whole thing away. Instead I cut about and inch thick piece of bread off where the mold was, checked the rest over and found no other signs of mold, and turned the rest into croutons.

Cut the bread into even sized cubes, mine are about 1/2 inch.


In a cast iron in medium heat, add the oil of your choice- I used mostly EVOO this time around. Add about 2-3 cloves of smashed garlic to the oil.


When the garlic is browned and crispy, remove it from the pan. (Save this garlic to use later in sauce or salad dressing.) Add your cubes of old bread to the oil and toss to coat with a wooden spoon.


Toast on medium low for about 5-10 minutes until they are the brownness and crispiness that you prefer. Let cool completely and then store in an air right container. In the refrigerator these should keep for a couple weeks (if they last that long). For longer storage, you could freeze them for several months.


{November 24, 2012}   Getting creative.

The move is quickly approaching and since I don’t want to waste food, I am diligently trying to use everything in our freezer. That combined with the fact that the farmers market was closed for the thanksgiving weekend means that this week will be creative used of the frozen stuff. Here’s what I decided to use from the freezer (and some canned stuff)


Here’s the menu I came up with based on those items and a very short shopping list:

Fajitas with tempeh
Broccoli cheddar soup w croutons
Pumpkin chili (frozen crockpot meal)
Zucchini pasta-w rolls

{November 11, 2012}   This weeks (and next weeks) menu


Lots of food going on this week, trying to use up some of the stuff in my freezer and refrigerator.

Leftover stew from Sue tonight, and also getting a pizza from earth fare (only $6!)

The general plan for this week:
BBQ pork Sammies (got some fococcia and a cibatta roll to put it on)- BBQ courtesy of my swap with Bridget

Beans and rice- beans in the crock pot. Making this in honor of our last week of the Dave Ramsey FPU class.

Pumpkin ricotta ravioli- this will use up the won tons in the fridge. Also I have about a half a jar of opened pumpkin to use. I’m thinking of toasting them in brown butter.

Sweet potato quesadillas- one of my go to meals- and I have wraps and sweet potatoes that do not want to move to AZ.

Spaghetti with meat sauce that I found in the freezer

Might work a little further down this list if I need to. We’ll see!

{October 23, 2012}   Canning 2012- APPLES

I got some Gala apples and some Winesap apples at the farmer’s market last week. A half peck of each- total of $12 worth of apples.


Winesaps and Galas

I made some into applesauce and some into chips.  Here is the applesauce process:

1. Peel, core, and chop the apples into cubes. (I did 12-14 apples per crock pot batch).

Crock pot ready to start

2. Add juice of one lime, up to 1/3 cup of sugar (I did half white and half brown sugar this time) * you can also omit sugar completely, and add a tablespoon or so of cinnamon if desired.

3. Cook in crock pot on low for about 6 hours.

Cooked apples


Second crock of cooked apples


4. Combine all crock pot loads into a large bowl.

Apples ready to be pureed.

5. Puree with a stick blender for smooth applesauce.

Smooth applesauce

6. Put into sanitized jars.

7. Process in water canner for 15 minutes.

8. Label jars with contents and date.

26 apples = 5 pints of cinnamon applesauce


I used about 2/3 of the apples for the applesauce ($8), so the cost per pint is approximately $1.60 per pint.

The rest of the apples have been/are being made into apple chips.

1. Slice them at 1/4 inch thickness on the mandolin.

2. Remove any seeds.

3. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. (I find they are BORING without a little cinnamon)

4. Dry in dehydrator for about 12 hrs. Or dry in oven on 300 checking each 15-20 minutes for crispiness (Total is usually a couple hours).

Apples in the dehydrator


I came out with about 3 sandwich bags worth of apple chips total.  ($4 of apples).  Making it about $1.33 per bag.

{October 9, 2012}   Crock Pot Party

So the ladies at our church decided to get together a prep a bunch of crock pot recipes to freeze and make life easier for all of us by being able to have ready to go meals.  We ended up with 5 different recipes, and also made a crock pot cakewhile we were prepping everything. Everyone brought enough ingredients to make 4 batches of their recipe (at 4-6 servings each), and then everyone got to leave with 4-5 different recipes. If the recipe calls for meat- it is not included in the freezer meal so that everyone can get fresh meat when they decide to cook that particular recipe.  Here are some pictures from the day (notice the crying- no one was sad but there were MANY onions to be chopped).

Ann mixing up mac and cheese!


Amanda and Stevie carefully measuring


Jo helping Carolyn chop garlic


Onions make Taylor seriously sad!


Taylor and Carolyn, still on onion duty!


Crock Pot Chocolate Chip Brownie cake- Make this immediately!


Jeanine doing out chickadilla soup ingredients


Onions are the saddest thing!


Finished bags with their recipe cards


Recipe Cards

We ended up with:

Chickadilla Soup

Squash, Chickpea and Lentil stew

Turkey- White bean Pumpkin Chili

Goulash- Beef Stew

Mac and Cheese


This was a fun and yummy idea- if you try it with your friends, let me know what you make!







{October 7, 2012}   Another Yummy Menu this Week

Crock Pot Party was wildly successful- I have many tasty meals to try out. More on that Tuesday.

Here is my menu plan for the week:

Pad Thai- with the tatsoi I got at the market

Fritatta- to use up some duck eggs ūüôā

Crock Pot meal- Chickadilla Soup (Using a¬†rotisserie¬†chicken so I don’t have to cook it)

Chicken Egg Salad (Use up the chicken and some more duck eggs- going to see how they do with hard boiling…)

Fried Rice (Because it was fast and amazing last week, and I still have more rice, and I can once again use a duck egg!)

Fried Rice

Crock Pot Meal- Mac and Cheese (Sauteing some veggies to mix in with it once its all cream-ified in the crock pot)

Catfish with KALE chips!

Also- I still have some bagels, so there will be bagels with spicy pimento goat cheese, avocado, and maybe the occasional fried egg…


Everything looks so yummy I’m not even sure what order this will happen in!


et cetera