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Fall *Spring?* Market…


Got some more lovely fall produce at the market today.  And some sugar snap peas… who knew these would grow in the fall?! Also I answered a trivia question right on the cheese guy (Brady)’s email newsletter and got a $5 piece of cheese for free!


Here’s what I got:

Broccoli, Sugar snap Peas, and colorful bell peppers: $10

Garlic, baby ginger and baby turmeric: $2

Queso fresco, Gouda with caraway, Ricotta with garlic and chives: $7! ($5 off!)

Shiitake Mushrooms: $5.20

Turmeric and ginger


FREE Queso Fresco!

Grand Total: $24.20


Also, the Lovely Sue Murdoch is canning my pumpkins for me with her pressure canner.  Here is the first batch of pumpkin:

Indian River Pumpkin!

Light market week

So its a pretty light week since we are going to Wilmington for the marriage retreat next weekend and we don’t need a weeks worth of food.  That and I have some stuff leftover from last week. Bonus points if you can guess what the item in the middle is:

Mystery item…

Here’s what I got this week:

Shishito peppers: $3

Arugula and bell peppers: $4.50

2 balls of mozzarella and some queso fresco: $16.50

Muscadine and Scuppernogg grapes: $2

Mystery item: $5 (scroll down to see what it is :))

Grand total: $28





















And the mystery item is:

Fresh Hibiscus!

I cannot wait to make up a batch of fresh hibiscus tea- HIGH in vitamin C and yumminess.  Also learned that you can eat the little petals raw and they are pretty yummy that way too.





Farmer’s Market (plus cucumbers and green zebra that we grew)

To anyone who dislikes fall, you cannot argue that this is a beautiful array of colors and flavors to be had this week.  Find of the week is definitely the fresh ginger- which will be contributing to a new *not exploding* batch of ginger ale!

Here’s the breakdown:

Mozzarella, Farmer’s Cheese and figs: $14 (supposed to be $14.25 but the guy likes me)

3 leeks, 1 bunch of basil: $5

Fresh Ginger: $3.70

Bell peppers, sweet peppers and tomatoes: $7.95

Shishito peppers, fairytale eggplants: $6

Sweet potatoes: $3.25

Cucumbers: FREE to a good home (will be bringing them to church tomorrow to share)

Grand Total: $39.90

{August 18, 2012}   Tasty Week at the Market 8/18

Chapel Hill Market Finds

It’s another yummy week.  Awesome find of the week was shishito peppers! I learned about these this week on The Sam Livecast, but had never seen them, then lo and behold, there they were in droves at the Chapel Hill Market for only $3/pint!  I went to the Chapel Hill market today for two reasons:

1- I wanted to get a brie like cheese form the Hillsborough Cheese Company guy…which he had!

2- I twisted my ankle two days ago and it’s still a bit sore/hard to walk and the Chapel Hill Market is smaller than the Carrboro Market.

So here’s all that I got:

Camembert (Brie-like cows milk cheese), Feta, honey fig cherve and figs- $18 (figs and cheese are truly a match made in heaven!)

Peru fair trade organic locally roasted coffee beans from Carrboro Coffee Roasters- $8

Shitaki mushrooms and bell peppers- $5

Fairy Tale Eggplants, Shishito peppers, mixed cherry tomatoes- $9 (can you say pizza night?!)

Okra- $1

Grand total- $41.00 including coffee and cheese!

I am looking forward to the yumminess that this week is going to bring!

{August 4, 2012}   8/4 Farmer’s Market

I went to the farmer’s market today with a list… and I successfully got all but one thing that was on said list.  That all by itself is pretty impressive to me.  Everyone had figs so I got some of those as my fruit for the week.  I went to the Chapel Hill market again because I liked their peaches better than the ones from the Carrboro market and wanted to pick up a box of them.  I’m teaching my co-worker Bridget how to can tomorrow. Don’t worry there will be many pictures!

So here’s what I got:

Farmer’s market fare!

Arugula, big tomatoes, bell peppers: $8

Herbed Goat Cheese, Raw Cow’s milk Gouda: $9

Zucchini, Squash and Figs: $6.15

Eggs: $4

Grand Total: $27.15 (Less than $30 means I’m right on budget!)


And here’s a sneak peak at the peaches ($20) but they will get their own post in a week or so:


Excited for my menu this week, so come check it out tomorrow. I’ve been finding many tasty things from the people I’ve started following at the link party. Go check it out!

What did you get at the farmer’s market this week??


Once again it was a profitable early morning at the farmers market. Back home by 8 am! I might I back to bed after I write this all down! Here’s what I got:
$8.50 peppers, potatoes, blackberries, cucumber
$13.20 onions, sungold tomatoes, blueberries
$5.70 flank steak
$5 peaches
$4.5 chèvre
$4.90 tomato, green tomatoes
$4 raspberries
$2.70 broccoli

Grand total: $48.50


{June 10, 2012}   This weeks menu

Here goes for a tasty week:

Tamales (never got to these last week) gonna add in the mushrooms I got this week along with the beans from last week

Grilled salmon and baby artichokes

Fried rice with broccoli, bell peppers and tofu

Sweet and Sour eggplant over rice (another Indian in 6 recipe)

Purple potato latkes

Mexican Salad


What are you making this week?

et cetera